Monday, October 25, 2021

Persephone's Seeds

Persephone was a character in ancient Greek mythology. Her mother was Demeter, the goddess of summer.

Persephone was kidnapped by Hades, the god of death and the underworld and while she was held hostage her mother grieved and the world withered. Also, while Persephone was hostage, she did not eat anything except for five pomegranate seeds.

As part of settlement for the hostage situation, Hades demanded that Persephone be returned to the underworld for five months of the year as payment for the five pomegranate seeds.

Doing business with or accepting funding from the Government is the equivalent of Persephone's seeds. 

Kubota update

Kubota left Casa ERJ on Thursday.

The departure was amicable.

I changed out all of the exterior door locks and today I work on hardening all of the unofficial entries to the house. Kubota sometimes forgot his keys and developed a host of ways to enter the house.

My main concern is not Kubota but rather his friends. His friends are not the brightest stars in the constellation of Eaton Rapids intellects.

Sometimes they drink a twelve-pack or three. Then they are REALLY stupid.

Several of them undoubtedly know of Kubota's unofficial paths.

After imbibing some of them are likely to "remember" something Kubota owes them and they might decide to enter our house to recover it.

It is my not-expert opinion that more than half of the home break-ins locally are by people who are known to the home owners. The people breaking in know the lay-out of the home and know where "the good stuff" is stored. They can also offer lame, half-assed excuses like "Hey, I thought Kubota still lived here..."

Ex-girl friends, kids of ex-wives, shit-tailed* cousins, former drinking buddies...

They are all a risk.

Hurricane film is an adhesive backed film made from PET, the same plastic used in pop-bottles. The film is applied by cleaning the window, spraying with soapy water, floating the film into position and then squeegie-ing the soapy water from beneath the film.

The windows will get spacers to limit them to opening six inches. Shims will be placed above them so they cannot be lifted out of the track. I will order hurricane film today.

*Yes, I know the conventional term is "shirt-tail" but my fingers thought otherwise. I liked the typo so much I left it.


  1. Sad that things with Kubota ended up that way. We do our best but sometimes things beyond our control, like genetics, overcome our best intentions and efforts. Sorry this happened to you.---ken

    1. This is the second child who we blessed with an involuntary growth opportunity.

      We have callouses on our callouses.

      In retrospect, we should have done it sooner.

  2. I've read that in 80% of home invasions, the victim knows the perp. I suspect you're right that it is true for burglaries as well, at a slightly different percentage.
    It's a good reason to be careful who you let in your home and when you talk about "the good stuff".

  3. My little brother ran with a similar crowd to Kubota's and my folks house was burgled by someone, maybe even by my little brother.

    When he died my mother wanted to want plant a tree at my farmette and have a memorial service there. My answer was not No but Hell No! My mother did not understand but my brother and sister did.

    I hope for both you that Kubota sees the error of his ways.

  4. I hope you and the missus and the family have been through the worst of it now, and that there is no downside from here in.

  5. After a very similar kerfuffle here on the hilltop I found that after watching the old man practice his quick draw a few times the thuggish tending friends became non-visible . Don't know if I impressed them or they were skeered of gettin' hurt but they disappeared .

  6. My Darling Daughter unassed The Manse McFee, before The Plaintiff became The Plaintiff.

    Worked her way through college (and by "worked", I mean WORKED her freaking ass off.) Raised a daughter, alone. (With some daddy backup, but primarily on her own) Now an executive with a local business, makes more money than her dad, nice husband, nice family, good life.

    Have hope. Kids can straighten up. They can fly right. In time.

    With God's benevolence.

  7. Window film. Definitely sounds like a step I need to take, especially since we live near the Texas coast where hurricanes run and play occasionally. I need to get this done.

    Tough love on your child. I hope he learns from this - we sometimes need to push them out of the nest for their own good.

  8. I send prayers for healing out to both you and your wife, and your son. Been there, done that, got the tee shirt.