Sunday, October 3, 2021

Bar fights

Yesterday's excitement happened after I turned in for the night.

Belladonna came home and shared that she had observed a "bar-fight". The adrenalin was still amped up and she was pretty loud. Consequently, I was able to hear the story.

She had been with some of her buddies at a sports bar. They were sitting at the bar behaving themselves.

A couple chicks were dancing together and being very physical. That is, kissing and rubbing all over each other. The amorous couple were dancing immediately behind Bella's group.

The sweaty lovers picked one of Bella's group and started bumping into them, rubbing all over them and hitting on them.

The target of the affection objected. Knowing some of Bella's friends, profanity and personal insults may have been sprinkled in their rejection to the pan-amorous couple. And then the fight started.

History rhymes

Many years ago, Mrs ERJ and I had an identical event happen.

The two women were in the ++ sizes and strongly suggested that they follow us home and "Do whatever you want us to do"

Of course, Mrs ERJ and I had different opinions on the offer and I am embarrassed to say we started fighting.

I wanted them to clean the gutters and she had a room that we had just drywalled and the top-coat needed sanding.

By the time we had it resolved (The slightly skinnier one would go up on the ladder and the plumper one sand the drywall) neither girl was in the room.

Girl fights

Girls fight funny.

It is mostly about grabbing and pulling hair and clawing and scratching with fingernails. "You bitch. I am going to pull off your wig and break your pretty nails"

Most guys are baffled when a girl comes at them that way, crouching with arms fully extended, head down. It is like a zombie is coming at you.

There are obvious reasons why guys don't fight that way. Arms that are fully extended are easy to sweep open with the forearms if you are holding them in the more traditional boxing form.

Then any kind of "hook" to the face or a knee or boot to the face if you cannot reach that low. I might be wrong but I bet most girls would be out-of-the-game after being kneed in the face.

Go stupid places. Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.


  1. Girl fights
    I hold women up to greater standards than men. They are in fact better than us.
    That's why I'm always shocked to see "women" behaving like men.
    I've seen plenty of ghettos girl fights that went far beyond wig pulling and went into the head stomping territory.

    1. You're delusional. Go to family court and see what women do to men, then get back to me.

  2. Observing a bar fight is more entertaining than being in a bar fight.


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