Tuesday, October 12, 2021

"Let's Go Brandon!" and pressure-canning chicken


This picture was sent to me by Gardencountry, a friend in Indiana 
As part of my job to clean out Mom's freezer I am uncovering bags of mystery meat of unknown age. Mostly I have been microwaving a couple of paddies and adding it to the morning dog food.

It drives the dogs wild as smell the meat and as I pour the juice and chunks of meat over their kibbles...and then as I rattle the kibbles in their bowls to distribute the meaty goodness.

Belladonna was getting ready for work this morning as I went through the new routine. As Herc, her dog, got all excited and dance-y I started cheering him on "Let's Go Brandon!!!"

Belladonna, a consumer of mainstream media did not understand the allusion. 

Pressure canning chicken today

The grocery store had a two-per-item limit.

No chicken thighs came in on the morning truck which was unfortunate because the store is running a special at $1.23/pound on them.

They also had stacks of bone-in chicken breasts that expired today and were priced to move. I took four packages and no alarms went off at the check-out.

I suspect the chicken processing plant is fiddling with their product mix in an attempt to minimize the impact of their labor shortage. What do you do when you don't have enough people to run the plant? You figure out some product with less labor content that you CAN run.

It was a breeze to cut the bones off the meat compared to filleting a 6" long bluegill. I found it worked best to cut alongside the keel and then work from back-to-front.

God willing, we will end up with 40 pints of pressure-canned chicken and six quarts of chicken stock. I had to use the bones for something....


  1. A gentleman I know has those magazines for sale made by his company Caddgraphics in Western, NC if anyone is so inclined to purchase some. Note: I receive no benefit from this notice.


  2. As to chicken on sale...I noticed years ago that canned dog food is often over $1 a pound and sometimes over $2 a pound depending on which brand you buy. They have a lot of " filler". So...If I can find any boneless chicken at less than $1.80 a pound or $1.50 a pound bone in I buy it and pressure cook it. Chopped and shredded I make my own " wet" dog food. The recipe varies but I add a little rice and sometimes a little cooked sweet potato or green beans. So meal time is some dry dog food with tablespoon or so of " wet" on top. If you make big batches I put some in small containers and freeze it.

  3. I bought a big steer from an old friend last year . After perusing the local butchers and getting advised that the line was 6 months long I made a great deal with an Amish butcher . Just about half the price of an inspected gubmint butcher and only a weeks wait . When I brought the meat home and passed some out to family and friends it tasted tainted and nobody could eat it . I went over to talk with him and while there a man came and my butcher went outside to talk with him . I decided to look around the basement butcher shop . When I lifted the panel on the engine driven bandsaw I saw the problem . The pan that collects the meat scraps from the blade was over flowing with green stuff , mushrooms , and mold . The blade was running through all the scraps from deer , turkeys , chickens , coons , beef , pork , and whatever else he had cut up over the last year . Without ever once being cleaned . I sold the 800 pounds of beef on craigslist as dog meat for $2 per pound and made my money back . I also learned a valuable lesson . Never use an Amish electrician .

  4. Please pardon my ignorance, but.....who is Brandon?

    1. Brandon is a NASCAR driver who was being interviewed by a mainstream media talking-head.

      The crowd behind Brandon was yelling "F--- Joe Biden" and it was picked up by the camera.

      The talking-head informed the viewers that the crowd was chanting "Let's go Brandon!"

      So who are you going to believe, the highly trained professional or your own, lying ears?


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