Sunday, October 3, 2021

Now employees will be fined if their spouse are not vaccinated

From The Daily Mail

Louisiana's largest hospital system, Ochsner Health, will charge employees a fee for spouses and domestic partners who are not vaccinated against Covid-19.


  1. These idiots really are trying to start violence.

  2. The people that push these policies are going to start getting hurt. And their families. This will take workplace violence to a whole new level.

    What employer has any right to access any medical information about the family members of an employee? It's pretty dicey just when it's the employee.

  3. Nursing shortage? What nursing shortage?

    I've been an RN since the seventies. Yep, around 40-50 years. I have seen me some nursing shortages: travel nurses making $100,000 a year, when staff nurse base pay was around 3--35,000/year.

    Oschner just said, "hold my beer, and watch this!"

    A long,,long timme ago, Children's Hospital in Detroit could pay their RNs around 25% less than the other medical center hospitals, because of two things: "Babies!", and they had never, ever, had a lay off.

    In the late seventies, DRGs as a basis for hospital payment came along, and administrations freaked the fuck out. Staff was laid off, in anticipation of the fiscal bloodshed that was sure to come.

    It did NOT come. And, when Children's went to rehire the laid off nurses, they were loudly ignored.

    Nowadays, Children's pays at around par with the other medical center hospitals.

    "Nobody move, or the budget gets it!"

  4. And, should my employer seek information about my family, they will be met with a stony silence.

    If they push, they will be told to MYOB.

    If the continue to push, they will be asked about HIPPAA and violation of patient privacy. And, what (n) violations, times (x) employees, including (y) family members, at $50,000 a pop, would do to their bottom line.
    TL:DR summary: BAAAD things.

  5. The criminals in power have gotten away with EVERY single abuse they've foisted on us. And since there has been ZERO consequences for their abusive conduct they intend to push and push and push and push. This ends only in violence. The only real questions are when/where the violence starts and which side prevails.

  6. Seems tricky if there is religion involved. Lawyers are gonna feast.

  7. It would seem that the strategy is to overload at the choke points. It takes a lot of time and effort to work through a lawsuit, and not everybody is willing to sue. So: Make the autocratic demands; increase the pressure; damn the legal protections, because we can get a lot done in the time it takes to sue - then we'll swamp them with legal bills and delays once they do.

    Yes. People will start getting targeted soon, because it will become worth the risk. So, Boss: You think it's a good idea to target my spouse with unreasonable, illegal, unconstitutional vaccine demands, huh? Interesting.

  8. What a terrific recruiting tool! Clearly, Oschner has NO! nursing shortage!

    And, will not have one, downstream of this malarkey!


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