Friday, October 15, 2021

What do Brandon and Joe Biden have in common?

Q: What do Brandon and Joe Biden have in common?

A: The answer to every problem is to turn left and mash on the gas pedal.

They both make lots of noise and go around in circles.

Then blame they everybody else when they lose.

They try to act like they are "regular folks" when they are multi-millionaires.

They both increase the consumption of alcohol.

And the entire spectacle is really all about putting money in the pockets of their sponsors. The fans are window-dressing.


  1. I don't think the NASCAR Brandon is a millionaire yet. He's just getting started.
    He's actually just a kid.

    1. You are right to call me out.

      It is a cheap shot at Brandon to compare him to Biden.

    2. Individually, perhaps. But what Brandon represents in terms of his team and its costs and consequently asset values you are not that far off. NASCAR is a high dollar affair.

  2. However...
    Brandon knows where he is and what's he's doing
    He has a crew that's working *with* him to accomplish same
    He has multiple driving successes (including the tallegeda win) and also personal accomplishments
    so it's an apple/orange grouping
    not harping on it, but I was pleasantly surprised when i read his bio

    1. I think it is silly to suggest Biden's team does not know EXACTLY what they are doing. It is a purposeful thing they are doing. Many epithets apply. It is just that you, I and Joe are too good a people to imagine the evil in its true depth.

    2. Rick you are correct and I wasn't clear.
      Let me offer: Biden's team thinks they know what they're doing.

  3. That is a great analogy! Alan is also correct though... sigh

  4. Sure, the criticisms point out real differences
    But that is still a frikkin hoot to read.
    Funny stuff!,


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