Friday, October 22, 2021

Circle-back to Cognitive Dissonance

Just a quick note on how thoroughly the control-freaks are mucking up their push to vaccinate people.

There are a three caveats to Cognitive Dissonance. As a reminder, Cognitive Dissonance is the name for the bending of values and beliefs to bring them into harmony with the person's actions.

Those three exceptions are actions that are coerced, under threat or done to obtain a payment.

If you look at the strategies the control-freaks are using, you can see that all three "exceptions" hold.

Actions that COULD be perceived as "we care" are unmasked as being driven by rage that everybody does not conform to the control-freaks' fantasies.

They are sowing the seeds of their own destruction.


  1. Possibly. Another possibility is that with every outrage that is docilely accepted the PTB whittle away the innate American desire for freedom in the 60% of the sheep grazing in the middle of the pasture. Another 20% are cheering it on. They’ve been doing it to us for a while, so who knows if the line of intolerance will ever be reached in most of what passes as citizens today.

  2. Everybody takes a risk at some point. The no-jab takes the risk that if infection takes place, it will be minor enough to survive. And that the resulting anti-bodies generated will be strong enough to fight off other infections.

    The jab people accept that the experiment that are inserting into their bodies will cause less damage than Covid. And that long term harm will not occur from the vaccine.

    Everybody takes a risk - you roll the dice and take your chaces.

  3. I think the seeds will be sprouting soon and we will see the fruits we have sown..---ken