Friday, October 1, 2021

Dragging asp


Dragging asp

Today was a "Mom" day. She wanted to go to the in-home concert so we stayed longer than our norm.

To fill the time I pushed Mom around in her wheelchair and we toured the facility.

The home has the very latest in phone technology

A half hour before the music show, mom was gassed.

Mom was pretty sharp today. She asked if Mrs ERJ and I needed canning jars for our applesauce.

As a matter of fact, we did.

58 examples of Muncie, Indiana's finest crystal

One of the issues that the family is exploring (like a tongue probing the gap where a tooth had been pulled) is the liquidation of the artifacts from Mom and Dad's life.

For instance, Mom has no need of Dad's clothing. Winter is coming. It is time to sort through Dad's clothing (checking the pockets for valuables) and then donating to charity. Dad had dementia towards the end and things ended up on odd places.

Another set of "artifacts" are the canning jars in the basement.

To forestall any "feeding frenzy" or any sense by my siblings that I am looting the estate, I was very transparent with my siblings. I am paying a dollar a jar which is more than they cost at Walmart.

My Grandfather's estate was pillaged when he passed away. Waves of aunts and cousins roved through his house and garage grabbing anything they saw that was of value even to the point where the beds were stripped of sheets and blankets and books that recorded the family genealogy and history disappeared.

That left a bitter taste and I will cheerfully pay more than market value to forestall that happening to Mom and Dad's house.

My brother got fired this week

I cannot share any details about which brother or which industry/company/agency he works for, but he got fired three times this week.

He is a hard working fellow and stayed past quitting time on Monday to finish a job. He found himself unable to save his work at 6:30 PM so he called IT. They were not able to find anything on their end.

Tuesday he was unable to log into the computer. Again he called IT. Over the course of eight hours they determined that his name was on the list of people to be terminated and hence he had been frozen out of the computer systems to prevent malicious activity. His management assured him that he was not on THAT list. By his figuring that was the first time.

Wednesday his gate-pass did not work and he could not log into the system. His name had been moved off of the "to-get-canned-in-the-very-near-future" list to "Terminated" list. He knew enough about the separation procedure to realize that an error had probably been made. He had not been give an exit interview and his cardboard box to clear his desk under the watchful eye of security. Wednesday was a very stressful day for him. He counted that as the second time.

Thursday he had been moved back to the "to-get-canned-in-the-very-near-future" queue. He counted that as the third time.

By mid-morning today (Friday) he had been moved back to the "good boy" list and had full access to the software he needed to do his job. He downloaded Monday's work from the thumb-drive he had saved it to and told the boss he was taking the rest of the day off.

I have two take-aways from the event

Always have a thumb-drive handy.

His industry/company/agency is preparing for mass terminations given the chaos around finding his name and getting him "cleared"


  1. I went through that bullshit at Lucent - six times.

    I had a script on my laptop to burn that MF to the ground before handing it in.

    What I'd do is wait for "the Call", then go to breakfast, not wanting to be around to see who was cleaning out their crap. They deserve to leave in dignity.

    When the day came, I ran the script, blew the laptop to smithereens, turned it in, grabbed my crap, walked out, went to brunch with my dearly departed coworkers.

    1. Does anybody else get the sense that even the "moderate" wing of the Democratic party now embraces Modern Monetary Theory.

      Nobody seems to care that people don't have jobs. Are not working. Are not paying taxes. It is as if..."Whatever. It is easier to print money than to do the bookkeeping for taxes"

      Virulent, long-term inflation looks to be in our futures.

    2. The moderate wing of the Dem party is the GOP, and they are totally down for fighting ineffectually against MMT. They'll do whatever it takes to _not_ stop it.

    3. And since deliberately destroying the US economy is an act of treason (aiding and abetting ChiCom dominance in the world), the statutory penalty for all involved, Democrat or RINO, is hanging.

    4. "Eaton Rapids JoeOctober 1, 2021 at 9:18 PM
      Does anybody else get the sense that even the "moderate" wing of the Democratic party now embraces Modern Monetary Theory."

      There are no more moderates.
      If they vote for slo joe, if they aren't protesting his policies, they aren't moderate.
      I have said for years that Democrats don't care if people have jobs, they proved that with the idea that they gladly paid people more not to work, than work.
      That actually hate us and what we stand for.

  2. Your brother should probably see this as 'the writing on the wall' and be looking for a more friendly exit strategy. At the very least his employer is incompetent....and quality employees alwasys get bent over by incompetent employers.

  3. I agree with Dan. Your brother needs to set things in order as quickly as possible then run like his hair is on fire and his A$$ is catching.

  4. "(checking the pockets for valuables)"
    My in-laws went to Europe several years ago and thought for sure M-I-L lost a valuable family jewel. She had wrapped it in a snot rag and hid it in a pocket of clothing she hadn't for for 20 years. She found it a year later.
    I have one box of personal stuff that I can grab and if work fucks up and I lose THEIR work.... I won't care. I would suspect I am on a list as well

  5. Your family must be honorable. Paying for the jars! Well done!

    My uncle lived in the same town as grandad. He never visited them. We spent more time with the grand parents and we hardly ever drove the four hours there. When grandad went to the last roundup (he had a heart attack getting on his horse to work cattle, and was dead by the time he hit the ground), Uncle raped the estate. When Grandma passed, his youngest son stole things that had been promised to others. Those two were gut eating, wormy arses. I don't know if they are any better now. Sometimes, it just makes sense to find some other place to be when familial rectums are exposing themselves.

    Hard story about your brother. I have had the carpet pulled out from under me like that. I've learned a bit about "loyalty" since then. No one else cares about his life like he does. Trust but verify, and have a plan....

    1. "Uncle raped the estate"
      Everyone has family like that.
      My dad is in his 80's and keeps telling me that when he's gone, I can have this or that. I told him he needs to put that in writing because I have family that will take everything they can.

  6. I suspect he already knows this, but tell your brother to get his resume in order and circulating now. He might also consider a change of industry if mass terminations are going on elsewhere in it.

    Or, if he's old enough and lucky enough, do what I did and bid them a fond adios and retire. Plenty of time for hobbies and I have stopped feeding the beast its favorite food-taxes.

  7. Last place I worked had disabled all the company computers from being able to read thumb drives or burn CDs. Suffice to say there were no floppy drives either.

    At the end of every day, if it wasn't on the hard drive or one of their servers, it didn't exist.


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