Thursday, October 7, 2021

What if those nose-swabs were a ploy to collect samples of everybody's DNA

In light of leaks of the FBI's increasing use of geofence and key-word warrants, would anybody be surprised if the nose-swab, Covid-19 tests had been a plan to collect, blue-print and store everybody's DNA?

PCR is the "gold standard" for determining if a patient is Covid-positive. It is also the base technology for creating enough genetic material to perform microsatellite analysis which is then used to determine pedigree and uniquely ID an individual. 

Data takes on a life of its own. I assume the labs are required to keep the raw data of their tests for litigation purposes. It would only take a technician a New York minute to download huge chunks of it on to a thumbdrive and then market it on the dark-web.

Or the government could force the labs to "share" that information in return for any future reimbursements by the government.

Just saying, the potential for abuse and over-reach from the stupid nose-swabs is huge.


  1. Four years ago I would have advised you to loosen your tinfoil cap. I'm not so sure any more.

    Opie Odd

  2. My guess is it would be too expensive to run DNA sequences on all those samples. Just look at the multi-year backlog most states have with running assays on rape kits. But then, what happens to the covid test samples? Have they been destroyed or warehoused somewhere?

    Anyone know if there's been a big increase in demand for cryogenic storage?

  3. Too expensive to run dna? I don't think so tim. They said right on tv the federal govt. can afford to do anything it thinks it needs to do.

  4. my wife, a nurse of 25 years upon hearing of the nasal swabs,
    told me that dna collection was exactly what was going on.

  5. I hadn't thought of that, but it's a possibility...

    Last year there were lots of doubts about PCR tests and in January they stopped using them as the sole determination of a CVD case because of a high rate of false positives; this summer that apparently changed.
    It is cheap and fast - it definitely ISN'T the "gold standard" of testing, though I've seen many claim it is.
    I wonder if this change alone is responsible for the rise in recent cases.

    1. Apparently the CDC is now withdrawing its approval for use of the PCR test.

    2. Well yes, but only after Bill Gates and George Soros bought the company with the new test.
      Soooo, nothing to see here, move along.

  6. Routine blood tests are another way DNA could be sampled. We all have them and the names are right on the vial.


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