Sunday, October 10, 2021

Craven Imposters

I used to work in an automotive factory where the bodies were welded together from sheet-metal parts. Sometimes I visited stamping plants where it seemed like every press in the plant was running and the floor shook like a drum.

Those places were LOUD!

One thing I noticed is that the people who worked there were very adept at body language. I never got interrupted, for instance, when I was pressed for time and walking across the shop. They could tell by the slight differences in my gait and facial expression that it was not a good time to stop me.

That leads me to one of my "tricks" when reviewing videos. Turn off the sound and WATCH the body language. Words lie. It is much harder to lie with body language.

Kamala Harris Puff-Piece

What I found most interesting was Harris's postures.

Most of the time she was in the fetal position which is very puzzling. Here she is, ostensibly the second most powerful person in America, in front of a friendly audience of five hand-selected sixth graders being lobbed pre-selected, soft-ball questions. The video crew is trying to make her look good and she still curls up like a pill-bug poked with a broom-straw.

Isn't that the origin of her "creepy" vibe? Her core body language radiates "I hate and fear people" while her words are a NPC subroutine running on the graphics card.

The crib notes that Putin, Xi, Mode and everybody else will be working from are that this person is EASILY bullied. 

But that is not the scariest part

How does a person get to be fifty and still have this character trait?

From one perspective it is because they cherished and nurtured and guarded the pain of every perceived slight and indignity. Perhaps they think of it as the source of their power much like Samson's hair.

They have lists and hold grudges.

Don't fear the Hero-king

You can negotiate with the Hero-king. You can find common ground and fight common enemies.

Fear the craven imposter

The coward will stab you in the back out of fear that you might turn against them. 

As a story-teller I wonder at the motives and competence of the people in the smoke-filled rooms who put her in the VP position. A VP position, I might add that is VERY likely to be a gateway to the POTUS position.

Was it stark, lunatic incompetence or was it something more malign.

Did they pick her because they see her as the perfect tool to crush those who they envy or do not offer adequate homage at the alter of the New Utopia?

Do they think that she is on a leash? So thought the industrialists and generals who put Hitler into power, another craven imposter.

If Harris's personality is "craven imposter" and if she is deeply humiliated on the international stage, I can only imagine what actions she will unleash domestically to vent her rage.

In the end, the motives don't matter. Harris is in the VP slot.

I would love to be wrong about all of this.


  1. Very good points.
    Could she lash out internationally as well?
    For an example, look at Clinton's tendency to launch cruise missiles when he needed a distraction from domestic scandal.

    1. The geopolitical scene shifted a great deal since Clinton.

      For Clinton, the USSR had collapsed and Com-China was still a third-world country.

      Harris will inherit a country humiliated by the Afghanistan goat-festival. Plus, Clinton was a master of projecting body language.

      Besides, who does Harris hate more? Iran or traditional Americans?

      I think she is going to go home and punt the pooch (us) down the basement steps.

  2. I think that you nailed it. I hope you are wrong, but I'm sure you are right.--ken

  3. I learned that lesson of body language as a kid. If I walked with purpose at school, no one asked me for a hall pass. I do the same thing on job sites and at offices. A clipboard and a steady gaze will melt most folks. It's the jokers like me that don't buy it.

    A command voice also comes in handy. I learned how to project thanks to dad. Late Sgt, LPD.

    Yeah, weaklings in power are fickle and fiendish. I wonder if they will every pay for their crimes this side of heaven?

    1. "A clipboard and a steady gaze will melt most folks."

      Indeed. I recall reading about two allied airmen who were POW's in Germany. They escaped, and bluffed their way to freedom with a clipboard and a tape measure.

      (That would be WWII for some of you younger folks out there).

  4. She seems to take it out on her staff.

  5. She couldn't muster 1% in the primaries. Even the Demos see through her. She's avoiding the border because she knows she'll have to do something, say something and there's no there there.

    Our for now little rebellion of Buck Fiden and speaking out at school board meetings I don't think has gone unnoticed.

    The American people have not folded. Anything but. She may not know much about Mme La Guillotine, but you can bet she knows lynch law. We're not peasants and we have not yet begun to fight. That's what scares her and the Demos. It's hokey enough nobody buys Buck Fiden's election, but the people hate her worse than him.

  6. If Harris makes you cringe with her unworthiness, just consider the smoke-filled room full of high-powered influencers and fixers that picked her, knowing she was last on the list of contenders, and had already dropped out due to miserably unpopular ratings. Why would they make this choice? That's what ought to worry you.

    1. She is moldable. She can be bent into a pretzel by the controllers. To them, that there even is a president and VP, that they had to form and plan and initiate the fraud is only because the Constitution demands the offices be filled and that The People would become too unwieldy if those offices were left vacant as would be the preference of the controllers.

      Ergo, a fake and fraudulent executive.

  7. The whore (literal, not hyperbole) has lived a life of lies. She knows it, it gnaws at whatever conscience she has. (The cackle is inappropriate laughter. It is a tell of stress.) It is a secret to be closely guarded. As part of that she seeks to portray confidence in which she fails miserably.
    She is afraid of being found out. She deceives herself in thinking she hasn't been found out. She lives on the largess of her fellow travelers; so far, no one has dropped a dime on her which is how she can continue to pretend something she is not.

    A fly on the wall would probably detail the depravity of her inner most private life. It is a form of distraction so she is not consumed. Such deceit.

  8. "Now, the Washington Examiner is reporting that the first installment of Harris’ YouTube Originals space series featured child actors who auditioned for their roles in the project."

    Opie Odd


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