Sunday, September 19, 2021

Looking for a life-boat


Suppose you were a multi-billionaire. Suppose you were looking for a place to flee to if/when things go Mad-Max in the US and Western Europe.

Where would you go? What is left?

Oz and New Zealand lost their luster and they are very close to Communist China.

Canada will follow the US into the ditch.

Where would you go? Belize? The Outer Hebrides? Dapp, Alberta? B.F. Nebraska? Argentina? Fiji? Moscow?

Many distant bolt-holes that look enticing will have severe fragilities if/when the U.S. craters.

There are some things cubic meter bales of $100 bills cannot buy. Loyalty is one of them. If push comes to shove, family will win.

Moral behavior is amplified when actors realize that there is no way to escape the consequences of their actions. My read of the situation is that there is no place to run to, no place to hide.

I am interested to hear if my readers have any thoughts on where they would bunker-down if they were worth many billions of dollars.

Two Thumbs-up for the Pier House in Ludington

For those who wondered where we stayed, we were in the Pier House in Ludington 930 feet from Lake Michigan. We were in the new building which is considerably more posh than the old building.

Incidentally, I finally figured out that the pedicure towels are the ones with the Velcro strips for the sponges. Not being given to pedicures, I found the Velcro to be a fine substitute for Luffa for scrubbing my back. Your mileage will vary.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

"Democrats declare war on Senior Citizens"

The Epoch Times reported that The Biden Administration reneged on their promise to support Florida with a supply of the antibody cocktail that has been effective in reducing the ravages of Covid-19.

When asked for a reasons, the Administration answered with a non-answer:  "Equity"

One of the dangers of acting in arbitrary and capricious ways is that it opens up the actor to a host of interpretations. Lacking a consistent frame-of-reference, those interpretations can be all over the place.

However, that does not make them wrong.

Is the Biden Administration dooming hundreds of senior citizens to death because they are petty, vindictive?

Or maybe the cheat is in and the Democrats no longer need senior citizens' votes the way they no longer need domestic births. Euthanasia is a kissing-cousin of abortion.

Florida is synonymous with blue-haired ladies driving 20 under the speed limit. Choking the supply of the antibody cocktail to Florida is guaranteed to disproportionately impact older people. Maybe that is by design.

Maybe the Democrats just declared war on senior citizens.

Something in her DNA

"Where is the bathmat?" Mrs ERJ asked from the bathroom.

"I dunno. Which one is the bathmat?"

Once more we are in a hotel room. Mrs ERJ did not tell me the price but I suspect it is on the high end because there are 16 towels in the bathroom and the shower pressure could drill holes through rubies.

Mrs ERJ patiently explained the use of each towel, again.

"This is the bath towel. This one is the pool towel. This is a hand towel. Face towel....pedicure towel? Any questions?"

I stare at the pristine, snowbank of perfectly folded, plush towels beautifully arrayed on the shelf.

"No ma-am. No questions." It wouldn't do any good.

The bathmat is the one I had used to dry off after the shower. I had left it draped over the bar supporting the shower curtain.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Out-of-town and aches-and-pains

Mrs ERJ and I are traveling this weekend.

In prior years we would join my siblings in Ludington the weekend before Memorial Day. That did not happen the last two years.

We seem to be in a lull in the Covid craziness and my youngest sister called an audible.

And. Here. We. Are.

I am turning in early.

I started my antidepressant this week. My personal flavor of Seasonal Affective Disorder seems to bite as the days get shorter. September-through-December 31. I believe that is atypical as most SAD people get hammered Nov-through-March.

The antidepressant messes with my hunger and thirst reflex. It doesn't hurt me to miss a few meals but I need to remember to drink through the day.

Another thing that happened this past week is that I had my treadmill stress test. The technician stopped it at ten minutes telling me that they had enough data for what the doctor ordered.

I wish I could say I could have lasted another five minutes but I would be lying. 

I went for a run a couple days after the stress test and went up-tempo on the speed. My distance has been OK but the speed suggested that I needed a calendar rather than a stop-watch. The up-tempo got me well below 13 minutes/mile (see, I told you I was slow) but I am paying the price.

Achy muscles are the feeling of weakness leaving your body. I would dearly love to get down to 10 minutes/mile but things are going to be what they are going to be.

Blogging might be spotty.

Murdered by selfish people who refused to get vaccinated



If it saves one child...

Funny, Biden is only threatening productive, working people.

Don't the lives of people on Welfare matter? You would think it would be a very high priority since the cost of caring for sick people on Medicaid comes out of the public pocket. Furthermore, poor people often live in places with limited access to healthcare and have comorbidities. It would be for their own good and if it saves one child....

Shouldn't their $4000/month in benefits be withheld until they are "fully vaccinated?"