Sunday, July 21, 2024

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Bravokilo wrote:

Other cultures are demonstrably worse.

If you expose a child to a different culture, aren't you picking and choosing what parts of that culture to expose, i.e. you'll talk about Spanish history, but not the torture and killing of beef stock? 

So aren't you just teaching the hypothetical child to apply their own bias and judgementalism to a culture which can only be really understood by being immersed in it's customs and language?

"It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is."

Or, in this case what you mean by "culture".

At one level, "culture" is how a group of people address universal needs and unique challenges with the resources at hand. Eskimos used animal skins and whalebone. Modern Americans use synthetic polymers, duck-down and fiberglass.

Modern Americans benefit from the fact that, at least at the bottom of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, we have few unique challenges because our distribution system can move food (for instance) from a region that had good yields this year to places that had poor yields. Regression-to-the-mean implies that as the sample grows larger (or as the net seining resources increases in area) the magnitude of deviations from the mean (as a percentage) grows smaller.

At another level, "culture" can mean the commonly held beliefs and value-systems and default-responses to stimuli. At that level, our culture is being tainted by an inrush of envy-driven cultures as well as home-grown communists. A communist or a person driven by envy has no empathy and is driven by "feelings". They will destroy a hundred people for a chance to spit in Elon Musk's eye.

That brainless urge to destroy means that the system we have in place (invisible guiding hand and all that) is vulnerable to destruction whether by malice or by simplistic communist slogans (DIE).

We have a multitude of safety-nets in our society that makes the fulfillment of the needs on Maslow's lowest levels "seamless". That safety-net is under attack.

The best way to make a silk-purse out of a sow's ear is to sell the pig, plant mulberry trees and buy some silk-worms. If the safety-net is going to be shredded, perhaps we should give some thought to how we, our children and grandchildren might thrive when the net that we use to seine resources is smaller or has holes in it.

A very humble example: Southern Belle and Handsome Hombre had a conversation about the rice-pyramid-dumplings they had purchased. Handsome Hombre commented "This is a tamale!" It was a filling of chopped meat and vegetables, just like a tamale. It was encased in a layer of sticky-rice rather than cooked masa-dough (maize based). It was wrapped in banana leaves rather than corn-husks. It was served cold. In other cultures it would be a baloney-sandwich on Wonderbread wrapped in wax-paper or a meat-pie (pastie) in a tin-bucket.

Time is the ultimate resource. A portable lunch might save 10 minutes or 30 minutes of walking every day. That is time that could be used productively. The "tamale" uses abundant local resources to increase the percentage of time (and calories) devoted to productive work.

The sweetest meat lies closest to the bone (song)

Hunger is the best sauce. If you are hungry enough to pry every last fiber of meat off the chicken or squirrel carcass then you are pretty darned hungry. And the meat tastes awesome.

My Plan A is to never let chicken become this delicious. My Plan B is to have enough tools in my tool-box (including ones borrowed from other, poorer cultures) to make the transition smoothly enough to not spill my drink.

Saturday, July 20, 2024

Instagram cancelling US Paralympics Team

Instagram is deplatforming the US Paralympics Shooting Team.

At this time, the US Paralympics team is still supported by X.

Vote with your eyeballs.

Punishing less-abled people who use technology to level the playing-field is subhuman. It shows everybody with a brain that you are living in your own universe and are not competent enough to deal with reality.

Don't let the morons make your choices. They crap in their own mess-kit and then want you to give them yours.

Vietnamese festival in Lansing

I joined Southern Belle and her family at the Vietnamese festival held at the St Andrew Dung-Lac church on Lansing's west side.

It is one of Southern Belle's priorities that Quicksilver be exposed to as many different cultures as possible. She claims that this is more difficult in Eaton Rapids than it was in Miami.

Food! There was LOTS of food. I like the skewered pork (similar recipe here although the pork was seasoned with lemon-grass rather than scallions) and the egg-rolls.

The jack-fruit was not my favorite.

They had prepared a thousand liters of Vietnamese soup. Yes, you heard right, they made a metric pho-ton.

On the blogging front

I tried a different computer and had the same issue.

I tried launching from Google Chrome browser and that did not make a difference.

I fiddled with cookie permissions giving Blogger unlimited access. No joy. Permissions were removed.

To be continued.

Friday 9:40 PM, Local time

Southern Belle is showing Quicksilver the finer points of roasting freshly snared marshmallows over the remnants of the coals left from incinerating ears of sweetcorn, T-bones and chicken breasts.

I am going to try running without pictures for a while to see if the blog loads faster and (maybe) goes back to the seven-posts-per-page.

Friday, July 19, 2024

Slow loading and display issues


Running slowly here, too.

I am also only getting one post-per-page.

Settings still at max-of-7 (I just took the image shown above).

Looks a little bit like "Mobile mode".

The problem seemed to originate at the same time I had difficulty posting images.

I resolved that by copy-and-pasting into draft-mode, which I could not do before. The images cannot be clicked-to-enlarge like earlier images.

Hey, ya-all...if things go has been a great ride!

Like the old bull said "When the time comes, let's walk down there and give them ALL a lesson."  Or something like that.

Every cloud has a silver lining


Could be worse


Imagine if it were reloads on the EBT cards and lottery tickets! Old Joe wouldn't stand a snow-balls chance of being re-elected