Thursday, October 28, 2021


The last time I saw mom was Oct 4. Since then the home has had one Covid positive patient after the other. They shut-down for two week with each patient. Then, when the shut-down is within a few days of expiring, they announce another resident tested positive.

Stealing a page from Reltney McFee, I called the receptionist today. I asked if I could drop off something for my mom. 

She said "Fine. You can hand it off in the airlock."

It worked like clockwork. "The two lemon jellyrolls are for mom and her room-mate. The other eight rolls are for the people working the floor. I would consider it a great favor if the CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants, the heavy lifters in the home) assigned Mom's room got first dibs on the rolls."

That got me a big smile from the receptionist. "I know how to make that happen" she assured me.

Custard filled, chocolate frosted long-johns, glazed twists, cherry donuts, maple-frosted cinnamon rolls.

Even if the CNAs are health fanatic the will appreciate the fact that I recognized they exist. Karma happens. Caring enough about your mom to make sure her CNAs are happy sends a message.