Friday, October 29, 2021

Buyers' Remorse

I was in-line at Horrocks yesterday. I was buying end-of-season ornamental pepper plants and chives. 

Horrocks is a combination gardening store, high-end grocery store, beer/wine store and florist. It is Lansing's interpretation of yuppie chic.

I was making the usual chit-chat to make the wait go faster.

When it was my turn I asked the lady behind the register "How is your day going?"

She replied. "Pretty good. Better than the weekend anyhow."

My curiosity piqued I asked "What happened on the weekend?"

"I had several customers get very angry over prices" she said "Bat-shit crazy mad."

Buyers' remorse

There is a certain genius in the Parliamentary system that we rarely recognize in the United States.

The Parliamentarian system allows the electorate to exercise buyers' remorse.

Biden and the fools who currently head the Executive Branch probably would be broomed about now if we operated under the Parliamentary system. The GOP hates him. The uber-progressives despise him. Moderate Democrats (the Ivory Billed Woodpeckers of D.C.) know his entire administration is a rudderless, hot-mess of buzz-words.

Conventional wisdom in politics is to take your pain early so voters can forget.

That might work for some things but it does not work for inflation. The math that describes inflation is identical to the math that describes compound interest.

The fact that Biden's administration floated the idea of giving every family separated at the border $450,000 per person (Two million per family?) while yuppie-puke, core Democrat constituents are having melt-downs at the grocery store is emblematic of how spastic and confused this administration is.


  1. Just a couple slightly off topic points. Was at a warehouse club locally and saw that the 12 can case of veggie for 8ish has now morphed into the 8 can "case" for 8ish. But the real point I wanted to make had to do with a much more mundane suggestion(?)regarding food preservation. While canning is great, I suspect drying will take on a new(renewed)importance. I usually get a bit more that a year out of veg peelers,and suspect that resharpening them might be a real pita. They aren't very expensive but when things get ripe, time will be an expensive commodity and you might need everyone to peel their part. Continuing to play that tune, while your kitchen knife skills may be on par with Iron Chef Morimoto and I assure you mine are not, a mandolin insures equal thickness cuts of what you are cutting(one of those "cut proof" gloves helps insure that doesn't include your hand). In the continuing saga of the sous-vide experiments I have discovered that it really isn't a plug and play solution. It turns out there actually is a learning curve(who'd a thunk it)and keeping a notebook of what, how long, and what temp will aid future endeavors. This is not to say that I have screwed up so badly that anything was inedible, just that tine/temp tweeks will improve results. So far, the improvements to pork loin(not tenderloin) have been worth the price of admission. Note to ERJ, I suspect that few if any here are much interested in the sous-vide saga so feel free to deep 6 this after reading

    1. We are (well, my wife is) keeping a notebook on times and methods with the new instant pot. Notebooks are good for many new endeavors.

  2. It seems to me that they are creating "hate targets".
    Someone for the right wing to hate and take out their frustrations on.
    The puppet masters don't want us to focus on them.
    Look a squirrel!

    1. Also called "othering". It's alot easier to hate/kill someone that's "other" than you than someone that's "like" you.

  3. I can relate to the angry over prices thing. I called in to our local cafe for two hamburgers and one order of french fries. Thirty one dollars and change for that.

  4. They don't realize what they are reaping with their attempts at control...

  5. This plan to enrich illegals isn't 'spastic and confused'. It's just one more in a long list of evil acts calculated and designed to create anger, divisivness and cause great economic harm to productive Americans. While the figurheads of the commie left are laughable the evil string pullers who are never seen by the camera are NOT STUPID. They are evil.

  6. Never, ever, ever would I want a Parliamentary style of government.
    With the Industrial Democrat Media Complex, only liberals would ever lead.

  7. Interesting that what is ornamental anywhere else, is ordinary table fare on the Southern border. As a White boy in these parts, you learn early on to eat colorful things at your peril.


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