Saturday, October 30, 2021

Spartans 37, Obese Weasels 33


Nothing profound. Just a happy song.

I don't really follow college sports anymore but I still enjoy seeing the Spartans edge out those rascals from A^2

I include the next video for those who are not familiar with the Obese Weasels


  1. Don't go to OSU for a home game or you may just place those Wolverines up a notch or two higher on the social scale . I'm not even gonna brag how many worthless Buckeye nuts I have got a buck each for over the years .

    1. They aren't worthless if you can find somebody to pay a buck for them.

  2. My departed dad went to Michigan State, was a die hard Spartan, even buried in his Spartan T-shirt and sweatshirt...

  3. Yeouch! (No dog in that fight, but, brutal.)


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