Sunday, October 17, 2021

The ERJ Family no longer supports the Catholic Relief Services


It is with a heavy-heart that the ERJ family will stop donating to the Catholic Relief Services. Over the last fifteen years we contributed half of our "discretionary" tithe to them...perhaps $600 a year.

A nagging question had popped into my head "Who is funding the 'refugees/migrants' as they traveled from their home-countries to our southern boarder?"

It took just a few minutes to determine that the Catholic Relief Services has been complicit in flooding our cities and towns with economic refugees who have minimal intentions of assimilating.

From the CRS 2020 Annual Report. They coyly mask what they are doing with weasel-words

Catholic Relief Services Vice President Bill O'Keefe referring to President Trump's Stay-in-Mexico Executive Order
"By banning refugees and travel from Syria, Somalia, and Yemen, we are turning our backs on suffering people during their most difficult hours,” he (Bill O'Keefe) said.

My understanding of international protocols is that political refugees are required to stop in the first country where they are safe. How many countries did the the refugees from Yemen and Somalia and Syria fly over to get to Mexico or the US? How many of those countries were traditionally Muslim and where it would be easier for them to assimilate? 

2020 Financial Report. Approximately 65% of the Catholic Relief Services come as donations from the US Government, as in-kind donations (like commodities) and from "other" public entitities.

If you follow-the-money, it becomes apparent that the CRS mutated into an organization that whitewashes  the actions of the Deep State. It is about as "Catholic" as a coin-laundromat.


  1. A lot of churches are being paid by the feds to funnel illegals through the US.

  2. Amazing they are importing refugees who are commanded by Islam to kill Catholics.

  3. I suspect that they have become a business like many other "charities" once they discovered government largess.
    The Red Cross, United Way, and other large group sadly cater to their primary funder, the US government.
    As far as I know, the largest group that has remained true to its roots is the Salvation Army.

  4. There seem to be lots of charities "working for the other side." I attribute it to creeping leftism and free gummint money.

    When I was working in the DC area decades ago my employer went full tilt on the "100 % participation in United Way" thing; at the mandatory meeting on year I actually read the booklet of agencies UW supported - among them was Bon-a-Bond, a "non-profit" that paid bail bonds when "no other alternative was available." A bail bondsman considered those people too risky to post a bond for, but United Way wants to give them my money?

    Ever since I've done all my donating very, very locally so I can see exactly who is really doing exactly what and get to know them.

  5. Yup. The Enemy is excellent at infiltration . . .

  6. You made no mention of 50% of the Priests being pedophiles as a bonus reason to cease your support.

  7. As a fellow Catholic, I concur with your decision to withdraw your support. With so many Americans in need, why does helping refugees give them the head of the line ? I often listen to the Sermon which tells of the support needed to help them arrive in this country. What about the needy here ? People who are already citizens but ignored. I recall in the past, disadvantaged American receiving a lot of lip service via politicians. No more - when was the last time you heard about homeless American relief efforts. Along with American veterans who were injured during their service, very little is said and done.

    Phil 2:12 AM - 50% priests are pedophiles ? Really ? Where did you pull this number out of ? Yeah, there are pedophiles in the priesthood. There are pedophiles in any demographic group. But because priests are required to be unmarried, they are accused of being a pedophile 'cause - you know, EVERYBODY has needs.

  8. I suspect from the coverups, like the pizza shop, that the "elites" in Washington have a much higher rate than 50%.

  9. I suspect from the coverups, like the pizza shop, that the "elites" in Washington have a much higher rate than 50%.

  10. A rep from CRS once asked to address a meeting of my county's Tea Party to get us to support their plans to relocate illegals in our county. He couldn't understand why the audience didn't agree with him.

  11. Deep state.
    Deep church.
    Deep CRS.
    Thanks for pointing out the anti-American attitude of the CRS. No more rice bowls full of change for them. In fact I will probably take all of their rice bowls, burn most, and use the others for beans, bandaids and bullets.

    Charity will be offered when we pull out the bullets for secession efforts.

    Mill Tone

  12. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi declaring themselves as devout Catholics should make it clear that there are Catholics, then there are people that are catholic in their beliefs, and then there are "Catholics".

    1. That's because they are (((catholic))) not "catholic"
      Jesus will say "they are of their father"

  13. We only give to the Salvation Army, St. Jude's, and a local rescue mission.


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