Monday, October 18, 2021

For the bass fishermen


Ten minute run-time. All you need are the first six minutes.

Turn off the sound and watch the video. Watch how the Japanese are rigging rubber worms to make them swim like snakes.

Hat-tip, the fine folks at 24hourcampfire


  1. That exposed hook will get hung up every single cast.

  2. That's cool. I don't fish and I'm still impressed. I sent this on to 58 of the people on my mailing list. --ken

  3. I bet it would work even better with a twist tail lizard. Can't wait to try.

  4. I was looking for an unusual battery the other day for a key ring light, and it turns out the battery is normally used for fishing lures, most of them Japanese. I had never heard of battery-powered fishing lures before - but you turn them on, and they wiggle in very convincing ways.


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