Thursday, October 14, 2021

More cellphone aggrevations

Mrs ERJ and I drove the half hour into Lansing to sort out the phone numbers.

My phone is now a paperweight. According to the button-pusher, Verizon no longer supports Samsung Galaxy 5 phones. The only way to reconnect Kubota's number to his phone involved inactivating the Samsung and now Verizon will not reactivate to the now-obsolete SIM.

This may be a blessing in disguise. I now intend to drop my number on the Verizon plan and switch to a simple, rugged flip-phone Trac-phone. Trac-phone is a pay-as-you-go carrier. I expect to save $70 a month.

One complication is that my number is the "plan holder" so I think I need to make ANOTHER trip to Lansing to sort it out.


  1. Joe, I've been using a trac-phone for several years, after getting royally pissed at verizon.
    Their service is good and inexpensive if all you need (like me) is a communication device.
    The downside is the calls at all hours...including at 2am to
    remind you that your service ends in 7,5, or 3 days.
    I've started to either shut my phone off or disable the ringer before I retire.
    I enjoy your blog, it's on my daily roll.
    Best regards,

  2. I think you can go through the internet to their site (the password requirements pissed me off so much that my password is close to V3riz0nsux) and change the main number there.
    The rep laughed when I was in there for some troubleshooting.

  3. Joe have you looked into Google FI 20 buck a month, pay for data you use at 10 bucks a gig. Average bill here for 2 phones $53 month (total). Their choices on phones are average, the Motorola is always cheapest. Easy to move numbers, and wifi calling.

  4. Joe, there is much liberty to BE HAD by ditching the personal communication device/statist tracking altogether.

    Then, when those *illegal* market research calls alert, you caN just smile and say to the unlucky trackee- IT AIN'T MINE!

  5. OK - I'm OCD about spelling. It's Aggravation, not Aggrevation. There, now I feel better.

  6. 10 years ago I bought a Samsung Tracfone from the tv shopping show for $100 and it came with 1500 calls, 1500 texts, 1500gb data. Way more than I use in a year. About 18 months - 2years later I buy a $100 card for it. Then, 3 years from the time I got the phone I get another one from QVC and start all over again. So, less than $100/yr for a full service "smart" phone, but I don't use it much at all. I'll probably never have a "plan" phone again. Got better things to do with my coins.


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