Wednesday, October 20, 2021


So far the recovery from having my upper wisdom-teeth yanked has been anticlimactic.

Mrs ERJ managed the timing of the swapping out of gauze pads.

The "prescription pain-meds" are plain, old, ibuprofen (aka, Breakfast of Champions).

The doc was in a jovial mood before the procedure. I think it was as uncomplicated as wisdom teeth extraction can be. They were not impacted. The gums were not infected. Large amounts of the teeth were exposed to grip with tools.

I requested sedation and they obliged me.

The dental tech was an exotic beauty who is remodeling the old house she and her husband moved into.

Heavy lifting

The instructions say that I am prohibited from heavy-lifting, spitting, smoking and sucking.

They do not define "heavy lifting". I suspect it varies from person-to-person.

The good news is that I cannot go dancing because I suck at it.


Zinc and Vitamin D are a couple of things that have been listed as reducing the severity of Covid-19.

There is a very wide range of "acceptable" levels of zinc and vitamin D in the diet but some people are "mega-dosing" thinking more is always better.

Mrs ERJ asked me to look into issues around zinc toxicity. The biggest issue is that long-term mega-dosing can lead to copper deficiencies. In humans, zinc competes with copper for the same pathways into the body. Increasing zinc in the diet reduces copper up-take.

One solution is to alternate two-days of zinc supplements with two-days of no zinc supplements. That gives your guts time to fill with low-zinc...materials...and your body to absorb the copper it needs.

I am not a doctor. Consider this portion of the post to be "recreational reading". Do your own research and make your own decisions.

Deer in rut

Drive carefully.

Sprite's grandson shot a buck but we were not able to recover it.

It seems likely that the shot was overly-long. These new cross-bows are pretty cool but optimism is no substitute for patience and knowing your tools' limits.


  1. While Zinc is what prevents virus from replicating inside the cells, too much is toxic. Fifty milligrams is the recommended MAXIMUM daily dose. Even the highly regarded Dr Zelenko puts only a 30 mg daily dose of Zinc in his Z-Pack.

  2. Another 'side effect' of heavy zinc use is loss of smell and taste. Buyer beware!!!

  3. RE: Vitamin D - IIRC, the "magic number" ng/ml level offering protection against spike proteins is a fraction over 47, which has been rounded up to 50 ng/ml. My doc recently scheduled me for routine blood work and I requested the Vit D numbers also be done - 4K IU/day of D3 is getting me to 37.25 ng/ml, so going to 6K/day with a little sunlight added ought to get me to 50. YMMV. I'm still holding at 50mg/day of zinc, maybe shifting to every other day might be good to try (or maybe, get one of those Sooper MagiK Arthritis Bracelets or start weaving my clothes from 14/3 Romex....)

  4. I would suggest you also add green tea to your regimen. It acts as an ionophore and allows your cells to more readily absorb the zinc. I drink a cup or two daily. Actually I prefer oolong, and I suspect that black tea might also offer similar results but that is anecdotal.

    I also prefer to get zinc in my diet rather than supplement form. Last winter, due to a staph infection, I was dosing myself with 1-3 cloves of raw garlic daily (allicin) and using some other probiotics to rebalance my gut bacteria. But I digress. I was also trying to get as much Vit D as I could via sunlight and eating roughly 1lb of beef liver each week. Pan cooked in bacon grease, and sometimes with onions. I've been exposed close to ten times now with no symptoms.

    I realized early in this pandemic when I was doing my research early 2020 that this chimeric virus affects us more like a blood disease than a respiratory virus.

    Good food is the best medicine. Throw in an active lifestyle, sunny outdoors and fresh air for good measure.


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