Saturday, October 9, 2021

Another applesauce day

Today is an applesauce day.

I have been given to understand that honeybees can "see" sugar. Sugar reflects a certain frequency of infrared that bees can see and we cannot. That implies that adding some sugar to the cider and putting it in  sunny spot would make it even more attractive.

The clouds of yellowjackets are almost tolerable since I started putting out a couple of quart (.95l) jars with about an inch (2.54e+8 Angstroms) of cider in  the bottoms. I also add a drop of dish detergent. Between the YJ's scent markers and the sweet smell of the cider they rush in and drown.

I have not gotten stung in the past three weeks. I am calm and relaxed and take cares to not squish them. If they land in an awkward place like under my arm, I stop moving until they leave. Panic is bad. 

I got a late start today. I ran across a guy with a flat tire. Between this-and-that we got him on his way but it did spin some time off the clock.


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    1. Thanks for the correction even though it adds to my spelling anst.


  2. Thanks Joe. I never heard of that yellowjacket trap before. I'll be setting one up tomorrow. That will really help.---ken

    1. I don't know what it is about steaming the apples but it really calls them in. Maybe the heat drives off the aromatics and the fruit on the ground cannot compete.

      These traps are not as effective when the density is lower.


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