Saturday, October 23, 2021

Riddle me this....


Headline from Zerohedge

Riddle me this, Joker: The people in Government tell us we should trust them because they are smarter, more altruistic and just plain better people than we are. Furthermore, the Feds are supposedly more perfect than the State governments who in turn are more perfect than local governments.

If the Feds are so much better than everybody else, then why do they need Unions to protect them from other Government people? Or is it a matter of power corrupting and absolute power corrupting on an absolute basis?

Murder, Suicide, Cutting link

Riddle me this, Joker: If murder and suicide are joined-at-the-hip* because they are both forms of homicide; and if "cutting" and other forms of intentional harm to one's body is the same as suicide but varies only by degree of damage; and transitioning to "trans-gender" is a statement of self-hatred and a form of "cutting" then why are we NOT treating people who express a desire to go-trans as a threat to their own and our safety?

Yeah, I know it is hard for some people to hold more than one thought in their head at a time. Let me try again.

People who hates themselves enough to commit suicide are a clear threat to others. The tragedy is that nobody addresses that self-loathing when somebody clearly announces "I want to kill my male (or female) self. Maybe I will be happy as anything else." That person demonstrates that they have enough hate to breach otherwise sacrosanct bounds to human behavior. The prohibition on homicide is one of those sacred barriers.

Could they announce their self-hatred, anger, depression and lack of self-control any more clearly?

* Psychology Today reports that five percent of all murder victims are from murder-suicides.


  1. Some federal agencies have set up personnel policies in ways that require union involvement. I used to work for one of those agencies.
    Even those agencies have less than half union membership since it's settled law that membership in government unions is voluntary.


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