Saturday, October 23, 2021

I went to the Urgent Care today

I have an ear infection. I have not had one in at least twenty years. It is possibly due to slight swelling from the wisdom teeth extraction reducing the eustachian tubes' ability to drain.

The first Urgent Care facility I went to kicked me out of the reception room and told me to sit in my vehicle and register via my phone.  Yeah, that did not work so well for me. The instructions said I had to take pictures of my driver's license and insurance card and text them to the reception desk. With what?

Mrs ERJ said it was almost like they were trying to kill off people who do not carry smart-phones, that is, old fogies.

We drove back to Eaton Rapids and I went to the Emergency Room and was seen lickity-split, even though I got there right at shift change.

Eaton Rapids Medical Center gets a big two-thumbs up.


  1. Too late this year but next fall collect a couple cups of Mullein flowers when they are in bloom . Soak them in high quality oil [olive] with a small flame until the oil gets good and warm . Cover and let rest for at least two weeks [I do mine a month] with no light at room temp . Strain the oil and bottle until you have an earache . Guaranteed ! Doctors couldn't help mine outside of opiates . Drop in the ear and cover with cotton ball .

    1. Is mullein the one they call cowboy toilet paper? I think mine are done flowering, have to go look.

    2. Google it and you will recognize it . Tall spike with fuzzy leaves and bright yellow flowers . It bloomed about July here in Ohio and the flowering spike kept on blooming until mid September.We always called it rabbit tobacco but it isn't a good smoke .

    3. Mullein is a great plant . It also is a decongestant and expectorant when you are having breathing problems. Make a tea using fresh or dehydrated leaves and you will be amazed the amount of relief it gives. I was drinking it often last month when I had covid and it sure helped. You can harvest it anytime, even now if you pick leaves from this years plants. It is a bi-annual so the plant that flowered this year is done so pick now from the plant without the seed stalk that still has leaves that are alive. ---ken

  2. These idiots with their noses stuck in the screens of their phones are totally unable to comprehend anyone else not doing the same. I occasionally use the online order grocery pickup at WallyWorld at the location nearest me,. If you try to check in from your computer it takes you to the install app page instead of checking you in. If you try to check in from the text message that your orderis ready, it does the same. For around four month, nobody would answer the telephone number on the signs in the designated pick-up area. They were also not answering the main store phone. They claimed that the night shift hid the phone and they weren't able to find it. After an especially screwed up attempt at picking up my order (they were running many hours behind the scheduled time for the order to be ready) I finally had had enough. I tracked down a way to complain to corporate level (another very challenging accomplishment) and gave them an earful. A few weeks later, I attempted another grocery pickup. The had magically acquired a working phone and were answering it. They also had the order ready on time. Had to go full Karen to straighten out the mess, but it was worth it in the end.

  3. I had the same thing happen to me 3 weeks ago at an urgent care.
    Then they realized I wasn't complaining of ChiVi symptoms and told me to come into the waiting room.

  4. Aim your ear hole at the ceiling and dump a capful of rubbing alcohol in it. Leave it in there for a minute while tugging on your ear lobe. Dump, wipe dry. Aim ear hole at ceiling again and dump in a capful of white vinegar. Leave it in there for a minute while tugging on your ear lobe. Dump, wipe dry. Do this once a day for 3 days. Bacteria, infection, and pain will be gone.


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