Sunday, October 10, 2021

Those Catholics and their Saints


Our Lady of the 12 Gauge Shotgun shells.

The Lady prefers low-brass Rio or Peters hulls.

St Joseph, Patron Saint of the 20 Gauge.

Many miraculous conversions and much fervent prayer has been attributed to these two saints especially among sinners who chose a life-of-crime before their conversion.

These two statues can be seen at St Mary Catholic Church of Charlotte, Michigan.

The provenance of the two statues is a bit of a mystery but the patterning on them suggest Spanish origins or perhaps from the eastern reaches of Catholic Europe.


  1. Not really sure that the Virgin Mary and St Joseph would feel about this. Maybe a dim view.

    1. Perhaps so.

      But from what I see in the Gospels about late-night runs to Egypt to avoid being put to death by Herod Antipas's men and the stories of locking doors and shuttering windows at night, I suspect Mary and Joseph had plenty of experience with the violence that could be met at the hands of man.

      A shotgun has much in common with a traveling staff or short broad-sword...just better range.


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