Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Plans for the day went sideways


Kubota's friends, the ones who said they would take a bullet for him told him to pound sand when he needed a place to stay. 

Surprised? Not me.

I am sure I don't have the whole story but reading between the lines one friend suggested he could stay if they made a baby together. Kubota declined.

He has been sleeping in the cab of his truck for the last few nights.

SO...the back of my truck has a cap on it and now it is very literally a "man-cave". I ran an extension cord out to the truck so he has light, a heat lamp and a way to charge his cell phone. At least he can sleep lying down and in a safe place.

Kubota's new job starts Monday. I assume he will not see a paycheck for a couple of weeks after that.

He is about to get a crash course in tough-sledding.


  1. Amazing how that happens, isn't it... sigh... Maybe this will teach him a lesson without too much cost to his pride...

  2. Military enlistment was THE saving grace for one of my best friends at that age and in a very similar circumstance...

  3. I went on for 30 years or so without showing any brain activity . Hopefully the kid will learn quickly and not be a late bloomer like me .

  4. Enlisting in the Coast Guard was a life changing decision. The Guard taught me to keep my mouth shut, show respect, think before talking and to JUST FUGGING DO IT… THATS AN ORDER!

  5. Who knew, hitting the back arrow on an iPad causes you to repost! I’m not usually this dumb.

  6. Life is a series of learning experiences, some more difficult. Let's hope the brain remembers that before the body moves or the mouth opens next time.

  7. Temperatures down to freezing in Eaton Rapids next week. Tough is going to get tougher.

  8. Tough parenting is not necessarily without its kindness. You have to show some kindness if you want to see redemption. You are pointing the way. Kubota might not like the path but he is forced to acknowledge there are worse ones - and better ones.

  9. I wouldn't recommend enlistment to anybody at this time. Especially someone with such a minimal existence... I wouldn't want to be in the position of choosing between the jab or the enlistment papers. Too much leverage for a sound decision.
    If he can avoid the life destroying mistakes he'll be alright. Not making a baby just for a roof was a brilliant move. There's some precious life lessons in this for him. I'll pray for y'all.


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