Thursday, October 7, 2021

A turning of the page

It became time to tell Kubota that he needed to find another place to live. We gave him two weeks to make the transition. The arrangement was "not working out".

The news, while not a surprise, was not well received. Much drama. Much bruising resulted.

Everybody is in lick-our-wounds mode. Kubota's current whereabouts is unknown. He will let us know when he is ready to have us know. Until then, we have to trust in God's goodness and Kubota's sense of self-preservation.

Those of you who are the praying types, pray that Kubota's guardian angel be well supplied with caffeine and a quick, guiding hand.


  1. A difficult time for all involved. Prayers up.

  2. It is a sad thing you and Mrs. are having to go through. My prayers will include him and you. ---ken

  3. Buddhist prayers on the way. With a bit of luck, he'll find the wisdom, whether by himself or from someone else, to recognize that this is for the best, or perhaps on the other hand, to convince you that it is not.

  4. I hope it works out okay. Nothing is worse than family on the outs with each other.

  5. I am sorry to hear that.

    I wish you and he well.

    Good luck.

    Be there when he needs you

  6. Birth is never an easy process. Except for me when my kids were born. Easiest thing ever.

  7. Hoping things develop for the best for you and yours.

    It's tough. As you no doubt know.

  8. My father phrased it this way. "Son, there comes a time in a man's life when he's earned the right to learn from his own mistakes." Shure wish I had paid more attention!

    Otherwise, dont worry, your love will prevail over time.

  9. I pray that your son find the path that God has chosen for him sooner rather than later.

    Opie Odd

  10. Prayers that things will work out as well as they can. These situations are never easy.

  11. One lesson available for parents here is that if you make the life of eth adolescent uncomfortable enough, they will move out of their volition.

    that assumes you raised a self-reliant child into an adolescent.

    Good luck to all parents and prayers for the House of ERJ.

    1. Thanks to all who commented.

      I think I have more confidence in Kubota than he has in himself. But give him a few years and he will have that confidence.

  12. Grandson wanted to make all his own decisions. Well mom, who went back to finish a degree moved into a 1 bedroom apt. giving him a option to sleep on the couch or move. It took almost 6 months on the couch but move he did with much grumbling. Happy, married and moving up in his job. Unconditional love always makes it easier.


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