Saturday, October 9, 2021

Squirrel hunting tricks


Have any of you squirrel hunters ever used a rubber snake to distract squirrels up in trees?

The old geezer said to tie some monofiliment to its head and then toss it out a ways or to drop it and then walk on another sixty feet or so.

Then, sit down and let things settle. Then start twitching the snake. The squirrels go nuts on Squirrel Facebook and you get to pot one or two of them.

BS or real? What say you guys and gals?


  1. Have never tried to decoy squirrels, so can't speak to that. Crows will cross two counties to go after an owl decoy. A guy I used to know would also stick a boom box playing squawking crows in the same tree.

  2. My experience with rodents and birds is they quickly become accommodated to artificial decoys. This goes also for animated decoys such as proposed here with the 'invisible string' to mimic movement.

    Stealthily relocating decoys achieves no change in the animal's behavior. Barking field cannons (ostensibly to protect a crop from birds) soon becomes an annoyance only to the humans and canines. The wild animals ignore them. I had even seen birds alight on top of the cannons and decoys. To the birds, it was simply another perch.


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