Friday, August 28, 2020

Will it be no-show Joe...again

One of the first lessons of being a supervisor is "Go and see"

It sends the message, "I care" more vividly than anything you can say. Words are cheap.

Time is the ultimate resource. If we take the time to go-and-see, we are communicating our priorities in ways that cannot be misinterpreted.

The Biden campaign stands at a watershed. Will he go to Kenosha, Wisconsin? Will he go to Lake Charles, Louisiana? Will he demonstrate that "he cares"?

He can send surrogates but that won't cut it. If he cannot go to either community then he should let Harris head the ticket and fill the VP slot with somebody who is not missing-in-action.

The time is now. There are no do-overs. "FEMA slow to respond. Bush to blame" is still a meme 15 years later. Will a Biden no-show poison the punch-bowl for Democrats for the next decade? It could.

Will he go or will it be no-show Joe.

1 comment:

  1. Joe will probably show. They will- as they are already doing- shoot him full of focusing drugs to make him alert for the length of the debate.
    He still won't be able to remember a sentence from the start to the finish, but he will not stop, hesitate, and look around during his rambling answers. He still won't make sense, but as long as he keeps talking without dozing off in the middle of a sentence, the left will claim that he won the debate. Personally, I hope he drools all over the mike and his Depends develop a leak while he is on stage, and he repeatedly calls Chris Wallace "Mama".