Thursday, August 20, 2020


A young person I know is struggling.

He was carrying concrete down into a basement in five gallon buckets when he slipped on a wet, worn, wooden step.

The rest of the decent into the basement was on his tailbone. A fast trip but painful.

He is trying to get cleared to return to work but is encountering one hurdle after another.

He is running a mild fever, presumably due to an ear-infection.

The doctor's office will not let him in.

The Urgent Care will not write Return-to-Work documentation.

He is losing $700 a week (gross) and his tolerance for administrative BS is rapidly being depleted.

Rumor on the streets is that he is going to load up with ibuprofen and acetaminophen an hour before heading to the doctor's tomorrow to drag his fever below the magic number.

Life goes into the ditch in the blink-of-an-eye when you are 20, when you have no savings and are making a truck payment.

Young dogs form habits quickly. I hope this young person's "F___ it" attitude doesn't solidify.


  1. Long ago I was on track for what I thought was going to be my lives career when I got hurt and some other things intervened. I bumped around for awhile and got offered a job doing something different. I took it. It became my career for the next 50 years. And a very successful career I might add. A set back can be a gateway to something much better. If you keep your eyes open and have a good attitude.---ken

  2. I read recently of a woman who couldn't get her daughter into a doctor's office because of Covid restrictions and the kid had a fever and ear infection.
    Urgent care wouldn't see her either except by appointment 6 hours later!
    Somebody is gonna start demanding a doctor see them with a gun in their hand.

  3. If I called my doctor to get an appointment, I would say that six hours would be a reasonable response. I would usually get an appointment for the next day or maybe the day after, but to get one the same day would be very lucky, less than that might qualify as a miracle.

  4. Even before the chink virus hit a doctor appointment around here usually entailed a 4-6 week wait. Had to wait for 10 weeks for an eye exam this past spring.
    Hope that acquaintance of yours has learned that sometimes the only answer is to put your head down and "Drive On". It's amazing what a fella can accomplish. Oh yeah - and that nothing short of a broken arm or leg in a job accident is worth letting anyone know about. Life on the fringes when you're young and dumb can be tough - so you've got to be tougher. Military service might start looking brighter. Good luck to your friend!

  5. How do we get ANYTHING done in 2020? Dang, I miss the "rub some dirt on it" attitude I grew up with.

  6. Thankful that the VA is much quicker than that, and I can actually do walk in and be seen!