Monday, August 10, 2020

What is next for Big 'Retch?

Michigan Governor Whitmer (Big 'Retch) is on the fast track for something.

The general speculation is that she is on the short-list for VP. I have my doubts. The push-back from people-of-color would be huge. Sleepy Joe let them harbor the belief that he was going to choose a woman-of-color as VP. They will feel betrayed and the Democrats cannot afford the images of "the vibrant tapestry of diversity" rioting for something they did.

Rather, I think she is putting in a bid for one of the cabinet positions should she be able to deliver Michigan's electoral votes.

If I were a betting man, I would bet she craves the position of Homeland Security, Health-and-Human Services (single-payer, baby!) or perhaps CIA or Attorney General.

Other positions are not important enough to interest her or are too far outside her wheelhouse.


  1. I couldn't possibly comment on a potential target... of my biting satire, that is.

  2. I suspect what she WANTS will be different than what, if anything, she GETS... There are lots of up and coming Democrats with high opinions of themselves that I suspect will be shown to be inflated IF Biden wins the election.

  3. I had something really, really mean written here before I deleted it.