Monday, August 31, 2020

"Quest" ends today

The Thanksgiving Turkey never has more evidence of the farmer's eternal benevolence than on the afternoon of the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Great literature teaches that history has some kind of symmetry. The events after the climax will have a center-of-gravity that will approximate the events before the climax.

"Quest" has no pretense of being "great literature".

"K" is the estimated, steady-state carrying capacity. Population over-shot by factor of about 3.5 Population went from 100-to-6000 over the course of twenty years and then from  6000-to-42 in less than two years.

Caribou population Bathhurst Island Complex. The population listed for 1960 is currently viewed with suspicion. Other populations from aerial surveys. On many of the islands in the complex the caribou herd was completely wiped out. It was an extinction event.

The people of Ann Arbor failed/refused to make any changes until the last kernel of grain was swept out of storage. And then it was much, much too late.

Unlike Great Literature, God and History give us no promises regarding symmetry on the backside of watershed events.


  1. This is true. Which is why professionals study logistics, not tactics.

  2. For over 7 decades I have been watching the creatures in the woods and fields and barnyards and when over population occurs diseases proliferate the stresses of crowds overcome sanity and self destruction results. Think of Lemmings. And us. --ken

  3. And collectivists can't order nature to produce, despite what they believe.

    Thanks for another good story. Is it too much to hope for another, sometime?

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