Friday, August 7, 2020

Fake News Friday: Planter's Peanuts goes "Woke"

In an effort to appease Black Lives Matter, Planters Peanuts changed their name and logo to distance themselves from the Plantation culture that continues to destroy Black Lives today.

The company's new name and logo reflects the glorious days of Soviet agriculture when glorious school children volunteered to put aside their glorious white privilege and grub around in the frozen mud to harvest glorious Soviet potatoes.

(This message was approved of by Black Lesbian Marxists)

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  1. In 1990 I was in the Soviet Union to set up a business . It never panned out. The Soviets were having a food problem at the time, and one of the big shots we were dealing with, Alexi, told us he wouldn't be with us the next day because he, as a Communist Party official had to 'volunteer' to pick potatoes by hand the next day. Their term for this was "Black Saturday". All volunteers were welcome, and they would get a bag of potatoes for the effort. After he left, I asked our translator, Luba, if she was going to volunteer. She looked shocked and said "Such work is for peasants, I'd rather starve". I had no idea about how much class distinction mattered in the old USSR.