Monday, August 3, 2020

Violence as an abstract concept

"Never trust a man who has not been punched in the face"

This quote has been attributed to many. I first saw it on The Art of Manliness website.

Vdare recently posted an essay that pointed out the huge gap between white women's support for Black Lives Matter (proper noun, the political organization) versus white men's support.

The author notices that support level drops as white men and women get older and that it is highest in white women with advanced degrees.

The author makes an observation that is worth thinking about and discussing.

Highly educated, white women support The Revolution because violence is still an abstract concept for them.

The case for the observation
Universities are as cloistered as a convent. Micro-aggressions, forgotten or mispronounced synthetic pronouns are equated with rape and assault, safe-spaces, men being eliminated from academic programs because they "look scary" or utter unsanctioned thoughts.

This stereotypical grad student in one of the social-sciences considers getting a B on an essay, one she worked really, really, really hard on, to be violence.

She considers snarky comments on one of her social-media posts to be violence.

Supporting The Revolution is a low-risk way of scoring points on social media and a badge of being a member of "the in group".

Maybe I exaggerated a little bit
But one must look at the trend over the last thirty years which gives emotions and "feelings" full equivalency with observable, measurable facts; the trend to give "empathy" and good intentions full equivalency with actually feeding the hungry, binding wounds and visiting the sick face-to-face.

In this parallel universe of rewarding-approximate-behaviors, correctly identifying the zip-code of the target is considered the same thing as delivering ordinance on top of it.

Parallel universes can only be sustained when there are excess resources available to sustain them

It is possible to grow tropical orchids in New Brunswick, Canada as long as you have a greenhouse and enough fuel to keep it above 80 degrees Fahrenheit year-round.

If there is a single hiccup in your fuel deliveries, your business plan to deliver orchids to the market collapses into puddles of incoherent, green mush.

What will happen when those highly edumacated girls get kicked in their $12,000 orthodontically perfected teeth?

That is when "violence" changes from an abstract concept into an ugly reality. It only takes one angry person with size 9 boots to turn "Give Peace a Chance" into incoherent puddles of green mush.

The case against 'violence as an abstract concept' hypothesis
'Violence as an abstract concept' is not the the universal reason for BLM (proper noun, the political organization) support.

For one thing, BLM has a higher level of support among Black people than among White people. As a percentage, more Black people are victims of crimes than White people.

But within the universe of White people, it is compelling.


  1. Very well put, Joe. This I will pass on.--ken

  2. Excellent points, and yes they have never 'felt' violence...

  3. A very interesting point to discuss. From personal experience, I can say that when exposed to more vibrant cultures and living in close quarters with a vibrant culture, one does get a different view of things. That vibrant culture isn't determined by color, but by attitude, approach to life, care and concern for family, the law, etc.

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  5. TwoDogs' comment less two words: I am appalled by the amount of support, nay fanatical support, for BLM among young white women. What the hell are they thinking ? Do they not realize the dangers ? Do they care ? Are they willing to sacrifice their lives on the altar of political correctness ? Apparently the answer is yes, and all I can offer is that they be allowed to return when their follies leave them.