Thursday, August 13, 2020

Summertime and the living is easy


Dinner in the summertime: Fried fish, sweet corn and sliced tomatoes. Living large.

Knife update

Blade on the bottom. Three piece-tang. All pieces 0.060" thick.

This is how it will go together. I expect to use epoxy, four, #10-24 machine screws and "T"nuts to match to hold the scales and metal pieces together.

Quarter-sawn, 3/8", White Oak scales. I chose White Oak for general mechanical strength and resistance to moisture.

I am at Mom's tomorrow so nothing is going to happen on these until Saturday.

Physical fitness

I found my current upper-limit for distance running. I can manage 5.5 miles and a half mile cool-down walk.

Mrs ERJ wanted to go for a walk in town after I finished my run. I like making Mrs ERJ happy.

I am a tired puppy.

Wetland remediation inside Eaton Rapids city limits. These are native wildflowers and I have to admit they are pretty.

This image is looking across the river from the Church Camp. A rope swing, a bonfire site, a hammock and unseen from this vantage point because of the tree, patio chairs. I wonder how much it would cost to replicate this little bit of heaven in Manhattan, NYC? Could it be had for any amount of money?

God bless fly-over country!


  1. I took my lunchtime walk and I can, for the first time, sense that we're getting cooler (finally). My favorite time of the year is coming up - "not summer."

    1. It is tough to beat late-August and all of September. Ripe peaches. Mmmmm!

    2. Your dinner plate was darn near perfect, just missing the thinly sliced cukes with a hint of onion swimming in vinegar and a spoonful of dairy. Just an opinion mind you.