Thursday, August 20, 2020

From the Black Lives Matter Manifesto


Selected DEMANDS from the BLM Manifesto

The abolition of the Legislative and Judicial Branches of the US Government.

Question to the people with "Black Lives Matter" signs in their yards: "Do you advocate or do you repudiate Black Lives Matter's DEMAND that the United States become a Dictatorship with no accountability to the people, the Legislature or Judicial system?"

A federal minimum wage of $20 per hour.

To those of you with BLM signs in your yard: "Do you advocate or repudiate BLM's DEMAND that the currency be debauched and the purchasing value stolen from those seniors who saved their entire life to have a retirement that is not in grinding, soul-sucking poverty?"

A strong progressive tax on capital that will be redistributed as reparations to enslaved descendants and indigenous people.

You, sign-in-the-yard guy, "Do you advocate or repudiate the BLM DEMAND that the government steal the saving of people who never held a slave and it being given to people who never were slaves because of...slavery?"

The seizure of all the possessions of the religious congregations and the abolition of all the religious institutions that have been used to oppress, enslave, and colonize People of Color.

Sign-in-yard-guy, "Do you advocate or repudiate the BLM DEMAND that 'religious institutions' be made illegal in the United States based on dubious history. Further, do you advocate or repudiate the BLM DEMAND that 'all the possessions of the religious congregation' be confiscated...including their/our houses, vehicles, savings?"

But is another manifesto. These people are more prolific than the unabomber.

We are unapologetically Black in our positioning. In affirming that Black Lives Matter, we need not qualify our position. To love and desire freedom and justice for ourselves is a prerequisite for wanting the same for others.

S-I-Y-G, "Do you advocate or repudiate that 'To love and desire freedom and justice for ourselves is a prerequisite for wanting the same for others." applies to white people too?

We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.

S-I-Y-G, "Do you advocate or repudiate the BLM DEMAND that Western, nuclear families be dissolved and that parents should have no control over WHO their children associate with, WHERE their children can go, WHAT their children do with the people they associate with, WHEN they must be somewhere?"

S-I-Y-G, "Do you advocate or repudiate the BLM DEMAND that responsibility for the care of children (and presumably elders) be diffused thereby ensuring millions of the most vulnerable will fail and nobody will notice or care?"

"DEMANDS" are binary. DEMANDS are not negotiable and are linked with implied "AND"s. You either support all of them or repudiate the manifesto and the organization. 

Which is it?

A tip-of-the-hat to Francis Porretto at Bastion of Liberty blog. He posted this video which got me thinking along these lines.


  1. BLM, Inc is antithetical to the American way of life. Their demands are so outrageous that they are rejected out-of-hand by rational people.

  2. It would be illegal for me to express my reaction to this pile of manure and to express my opinion as to what should be done to these loathsome creatures. So I will not.

  3. I don't see anything there that couldn't be effectively debated with a heavy, blunt instrument, one demand at a time, one debater at a time. And I also believe that it will have to come to that before it ends. In other words, it will have to be ended.

  4. When I was working in Gabon, West Africa, the ruler was a dictator who skimmed off about 15% of the GNP. He owned the licensing for much of the industry there. Once a week, a SwissAir flight to Geneva would transport his money to the bank. It was the only flight I was ever on pre-9/11 where all of the cabin crew were husky male stewards, and you got a pat-down before you boarded, no argument.

    Once in a while the Gabonee population would get a little frustrated and start burning piles of tires in the streets, rioting, looting what little there was. Settling old scores with machetes, and so forth. Then, the French Foreign Legion would load up and conduct low-level paratrooper air-drops over the city, and they would commence the debating. Usually it took 3-5 days for them to be completely convincing, but then hearts and minds would begin cheerfully complying and order would return.

    This is what I think is probably coming, sooner or later, since the police, in addition to starvation-by-defunding, are also being mostly defanged by prosecutors unwilling to charge the criminals they collar.

  5. Smells like St. Petersburg, 1917.