Monday, August 24, 2020

Way to go, Big 'Retch

Michigan Governor, Big 'Retch Whitmer asked the State legislature to introduce a law that assesses a 0.4% tax on the assets of all people living in California.

Her reasoning is that California is considering a tax on the assets of residents who moved out of California and no longer live there, six of whom moved to Michigan. If California can tax people whose legal state-of-residence is Michigan then clearly Michigan has the right to tax the people of California.

Way to go, Retch. Don't stop there. Tax the residents of NYC, too.


  1. Sacramento has made noises about taxing pensions earned in state but paid to non-residents for years. The capital gains taxes on Silicon Valley instant millionaires has dried up along with sales tax revenue. Gravid Nuisance (our idiot governor) forgot if the stores are mostly closed they don't get any sales taxes...

  2. I have been watching videos of the DRUG problems in Cali and other left destroyed areas where judges let criminals go free as soon as they are arrested. Either the government cleans up these shitholes or the citizens will have to. The state government is not doing its job and must be de-funded. Or just nuke the whole state and let the ashes cool for fifty years.