Sunday, August 2, 2020

A day of rest

This squirrel has had a hard day. He is taking a nap.

The Red Squirrels started stripping the pears off the trees. They are eating the seeds.

Euchre is a card game that is popular in the mid-West.

Three of the kids are sitting at the dining room table playing Euchre.

One of the kids commented that if Biden wants to win he needs to pick a VP named Right Bower.

Southern Belle flies back to Miami on Wednesday.


We picked up an inch. It was a good rain. Great timing on the fertilizer experiment.

Face masks

In silky, synthetic fabric.

Another cold
Yep, I got another one.

Call me Uncle Joe 'cause I'm moving kind of slow at the Junction.

Kubota starts a new job tomorrow.

Belladonna has been working at a new job for a week. She is still working at the plasma center but she clearly likes her new job better.

Gold Finches
Mrs ERJ and I went for a walk today. We pushed a flock of fifteen or twenty gold finches ahead of us on the way out. Then we pushed them again as we walked back. They appeared to be feeding on chicory seeds.

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