Monday, August 31, 2020

Update on Pawpaw (Central Louisiana)

"Pawpaws youngest here. 

He and Momma are doing just fine. They were out of power for about a day and a half, but its back on and he only sustained minor property damage (a downed fence). Laura was a Category 2 when it got his place. 87 mph sustained winds with 100 mph gusts for about 3 hours. It was touchy for a bit, but they came out mostly unscathed. 

The rest of the family fared well too. My brother didn't have any damage, and my sister only lost a storage shed. Nephew was activated in the guard and is pulling checkpoint duty in 12 hour shifts. 

Pops says he works, comes home, eats, sleeps, and starts all over. They all have power again. Pops is out of internet so he won't have updates until it gets restored. Thanks for all the well-wishes and prayers guys."


Pulled from comments at Pawpaw's last post.