Friday, August 28, 2020

Fake News Friday: Small Town restaurants offering "Antifa Specials"

Michigan Small Town Restaurants, strangled by the restrictions the State Government placed on them in the name of Covid-19 are attempting to drum-up business in unlikely places.

Since protestors are getting a free-pass from the Democratic Governor, businesses are appealing to Antifa for business.

For example, one restaurant in Eaton Rapids offers every person who enters the restaurant carrying a skate-board and wearing a black mask "The Antifa Special"

  • A chicken club sandwich
  • Red corn chips in the shape of raised fists
  • Beverage choice of Skittles flavored seltzer water or Double Decaf, Sustainably Harvested, soy latte.

A bargain at $19.17

Travel to Eaton Rapids, buy lunch and be a part of history!

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