Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Fine Art Tuesday

The New Baby
Kirill Vikentevich Lemokh (1841-1910) was a Russian painter who left the Academy as a "Second Grade" painter because he favored the Realism school of painting over the politically dominant Romantic school. Even then, politics could ruin a promising career.

Lemokh painted this family several times over the course of his career. The room appears to be the corner of a barn based on the thick, plank floor and the rough walls. Tools hang on the wall. The canopy-type bed was commonly used to conserve body heat. Likely, the entire family slept in the same bed.

It is a testament to how soundly children sleep (or perhaps to how stealthy a married couple can be intimate) that there are six children...although two of them appear to be twins.

Well into his career, the Academy upgraded Lemokh to a "First Grade" painter. Lemokh's promotion may have been influenced by the fact that Lemokh tutored the Czar's children in art. Ahh! Politics.

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  1. thank you for these, I truly enjoyed the woodpile report and will miss ol remus At the risk of sounding like a true but-kisser, keep doing all that you do and for whatever reasons you want to do them.