Friday, August 21, 2020

Dis, dat an da udderting

Cousin J

Cousin J was diagnosed with cancer. The biopse suggests that it should respond to chemo but Cousin J is seventy and the growths are in multiple organs.

Cousin J is in remarkably good spirits. He is shredding business records that he should have shredded years ago.

He also has a gun collection and the dispersal of the guns perplexes him.

He would like to get them in the hands of younger shooters but few of the guns are ones that young people have shown much interest in. And he cannot see handing a Field Grade Browning Citori to a nephew who doesn't change the oil in his vehicle on a regular basis.

It is not that Cousin J purchased his collection. It was a case of other collectors passing on and their wives telling Cousin J to show up and clean out the gun cabinet. She just wanted the gone.

Cousin J will figure something out. It is not my problem. I would volunteer to take some but knowing my luck I would lose them in a canoeing accident.

Sweet corn

We blanched and froze about five dozen ears of corn. We had just barely enough room in the freezer to squeeze them in.


Two of the pints did not seal but eighteen did. We put the two pints that did not seal into the refrigerator and I served one of them to my mom today. I don't have a reason for why the lid did not seal. The rim of the jar was fine. It was 30 minutes to bring the canner up to heat. Then another 75 minutes at 15 psig.


The squirrels got every nut. I suspect I will have seedlings coming up all over the place.

More squirrel news

The squirrels are tearing into the pears and apples and eating the seeds. So far, they have completely ignored the Kerr apple/crabs perhaps because they have small seeds.

That makes me rethink the wildlife orchard at the hunting lease. I don't know how many deer it will attract in November if the squirrels have eaten every pear and apple by September One.

Small game season opens Sept 15.

Persimmons are looking better and better.

Physical fitness

I am two days behind  in my running. I am afraid I will lose the habit if I don't run tonight or tomorrow morning.


  1. Can you trap the skwerls and take care of them without “hunting” them per se?



      I was slow off the starting block

    2. Oh, and this one. Good picture

    3. Swear to God - my memory is like a ... one of those hole-y things, used in the kitchen....

  2. I think that Squirrel Season is every day, all day.

  3. Perhaps Cousin J could set something up with local clubs with youth programs to distribute at least some of them appropriately as prizes and/or incentives? I know there are legalities involved but surely there is a legal beagle that would be willing to help with that?

  4. Although I am not much younger than him, I am willing to take on the responsibility of providing a new home for any parts of Cousin J's collection. I will also stipulate that when I pass on or begin to becone feeble, whichever comes first, that the pieces of the collection that I am caretaker of will pass on to my son-in-law, a 10 year Navy submarine vet, college teacher, avid shooter, concealed carrier, and a devout God-fearing Christian. (Who could ask for a better combination in a son-in-law?)