Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Fine Art Tuesday

The Last Chord 1885

Ivan Fyodorovich Seleznyov: Russian. Born 1856. Died 1936

Several factors came together to create the perfect storm for Tuberculosis in Russia in the 1800s. 

The population exploded and new villages were created as a result of the Tsar Alexander II freeing the serfs. Food quality remained very poor and during the winter fresh fruits and vegetables were in short supply. Living quarters were cramped and families often all slept in the same bed. 

The Crimean war exposed Russia's industrial weakness. Efforts to industrialize wre half-hearted. Factories were tiny and smoke filled and in deference to the cold climate, were poorly ventilated.

Additionally, TB was considered a romantic disease throughout the 19th century; the disease of writers, artists and sensitive people. That made it a great favorite for painters.

The Sick Husband 1881

Vasili Maximov: Russian Born 1844, Died 1911. Born in a peasant family and became an orphan early in life. Was of the Realism school of painting. Painted extensively of the lives of peasants.

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