Saturday, August 29, 2020

Great dates

The feedback I am getting from both Kubota and Belladonna is that dating is hard during these times of Covid.

Guys, admit it, we have become mentally lazy. Dinner, a movie, maybe a drink afterward. In states where politicians strangled entertainment venues in the name of Covid, these activities can be more of a chore than romantic or relaxation.

As a public service, and because I am mentally lazy, I reached out to the ERJ Focus Group, Beautiful-Young-Woman division and asked for their assistance in identifying Covid-compliant dates.

The opinions are trickling in and I will share them as they show up.


Boats are inherently romantic. They get us in touch with what is fundamentally primal and tear us away from distractions. They also discourage pulling out the smartphone and checking on what everybody else is doing. That dog don't hunt and that smartphone don't float.

Take a simple dinner. It can be submarine sandwiches if you want to stay nautically themed.

Rum drinks and citrus are traditional but any light-to-very-light beverage will do.

Sailboats shine near big water. Don't go out too far unless both you and the boat are capable. Be mindful that if the sailing is too challenging it will be difficult to pay much attention to your date. Keep your eye on the prize.

In places like Southern Michigan the common pontoon boat is the boat of choice. You don't need a 100 hp motor, ten will do. You aren't in a hurry to go anywhere. You just want to leave shore and leave the Karens and mosquitoes behind. You don't want to scare her, mess up her hair or shift the mood away from "Hey, I want to get to know you and don't want distractions".

If you are my generation, a portable radio tuned to a station that plays Mo-town or slow dance music helps set the mood. Younger couples might want to include swimming on the list of activities.

Picture borrowed from eBay

Even a simple rowboat is incredibly romantic if you are physically fit enough to operate it. 

Your ability to select the proper boat and dating partner is critical. Some are built for speed and others for comfort. A rare, fine few are suited for both. I refer, of course to both boats and women.


  1. A hundred or more years ago, young men took young women out in canoes for courting purposes. No motor needed and minimal skill or physicality required to propel the canoe around the local lake or lazy river on a placid summer afternoon or evening. What a great way to get to know each other a little better with no distractions. We have lost something in our 21st century world.

  2. If, and only if, the female's family provides an acceptable dowry should the potential husband consider a female for marriage.

    An adequate dowry might be a few sections of farmland, a few dozen cattle, a home, a tractor.
    If her family comes-up short, I would advise him to boot them to the back of the line.

    1. Hello Miss Marge:

      As the father of two daughters, this would be a burden.

      However, I could probably swing a large, life-insurance policy on the potential groom, say about $5 million, term life. That was one of the original functions of dowrie.

      Somehow, should the groom slip his mortal coil, then the $5M would go a long way to replacing him.

  3. Ah, yes ! A pontoon boat would be just my style. A pic-i-nic basket, some excellent music, and thou (female of friendly countenance). Out away from the other boaters, and a splendid time is guaranteed.

  4. When I was courting my wife in 1974 we would go to Lake Merrit park in Oakland Calif. and simply walk and talk, and in more than a few cases, we would Neck. For you youngsters, that means kissing. Good times.

  5. Swimming is not a good idea for a first date. Too much skin exposure.