Friday, August 21, 2020

Fake News Friday: Joe Biden does NOT bleach his face to look whiter than ,la Harris


There is no rumor to the scurrilous truth spread by mongers of dissent and chaos that Joe Biden bleaches his face to make ,la Harris appear more "Black" than is the fact.

Joe Biden uses bleach on his face to kill Covid-19 virus.

Joe Biden simply refuses to be photographed in front of a backdrop that is lighter than the one Harris is standing in front of.


  1. Replies
    1. A trick to make a subject look lighter is to put them in front of a dark back-drop. Conversely, to make the subject look darker the person composing the image puts them in front of a lighter backdrop.

      Whoever took the photo at the top was desperate to make Harris look darker than Biden.

      That implies that they are trying to get ahead of the push-back from African-Americans who are resentful of Harris packaging herself as "Black", much like Native-Americans loath Elizabeth Warren for "stealing" a position at Harvard intended for Native-Americans.

  2. Harris and Biden have an immense disadvantage in this election- they are running (?) against a president who has accomplished more than the last four presidents combined. Neither Bite-me nor Harris have done a damn thing except Biden funneled over a billion dollars to his family and Harris humped her way to the halls of power. Humped her way.