Friday, August 14, 2020

Nature is a cruel and unforgiving mistress

MLIVE Report:

Bald eagle attacks drone flown by the State of Michigan that was collecting "data" on beaches.

Here were the ill-fated flight’s final moments, according to the done data released by EGLE:

  • The eagle strike occurred 7:39.7 into the flight, roughly four-tenths of a mile from King and 162 feet above the water.
  • Its speed instantly dropped from 22 mph to 10. Within a half-second, the flight record shows the beginning of downward spiral along with “excessive spinning” warnings.
  • In the next 3.5 seconds the drone sent 27 warning notifications including one indicating a propeller had been torn off.
  • Gaining momentum as it fell, its last communication came at 34 feet above the water, falling at 30 feet per second, or 20.4 mph.


 Governor Whitmer immediately issued an executive order directing the State Police to apprehend all eagles not wearing face-masks.

One must wonder if Baron Kendall had anything to do with the incident.

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  1. I have heard of birds of prey being trained to do just that. Once they loose their air foil it is over.