Sunday, August 30, 2020

Great Dates: Part III


Image from Fine Art America

"Picnic by a peaceful lake with sun shining, breeze blowing and watching the wildlife"

One date that is vastly under-rated is the double date where you, as the man, invite the lady you are interested in to a picnic or barbecue and the other couple are two people you have known a long time; perhaps a best-buddy from college or long-time coworkers...maybe even a sibling and his/her spouse.

It is creepy if you pry deeply into your new beloved's history and don't reveal anything about yourself.

The double-date gives your new love-interest a chance to do some sleuthing regarding you. She can hear stories that you probably won't tell her. She will learn  how you respond when things aren't going your way.

Perhaps the biggest thing she will take-away from the date is how you treat women after you have known them for a while. Are you easily irritated? Do you tease too much? Do you listen to their stories? Are you disrespectful?

As the two of you get to know each other, one important question in her mind is "How is he going to treat me after 'the shiny' has worn off?" 

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  1. Mini-golf. It's something nobody is supposed to be good at, is great for conversation, and shows you how people respond to frustration and unanticipated events. (The Mrs. and did that on our first date)