Saturday, August 29, 2020

Great Dates: Part II


I never saw this coming.

"The person that I have been casually seeing and I both got tested before and immediately after spending time with one another for the first time."

Then, later in the email

"I also don’t think 'dating' is a huge priority for a lot of people right now. It seems that things have been reprioritized and shuffled around quite a bit. I can say personally that dating/getting a boyfriend is pretty low on my list right now. But if there is someone that I enjoy spending time around (and it’s life giving for both of us) then I will try to figure out how to do that as safely as possible for both of us."

I get the sense that the "dating scene" became less of a priority due to Covid as much as for personal reasons.

Birth rates in the United States. Depression years circled in Red. WWII circled in dark blue

I wonder if that would change if Covid lock-down was the new-normal and it might go on for half a decade? Would young people make different decisions? 

What if Covid drags on for five years and then we have economic spasms for another ten? Would they make different decisions then? I am not predicting that, just pointing out that there have been prolonged periods of recent history where things really difficult for the romantically inclined for more than a decade.

If young people knew in 1929 that things were not going to magically return to "normal" until 1946, how many would have gotten married anyway? How many would have not delayed having children on the hope that "next year will be better"?

Specific date ideas:

(I think) hikes, swims or bonfires are all fun socially distanced dates.


  1. If that friggin commie FDR had not prolonged the depression, 1934 would have been a great year to be newlyweds.

    Gorram statist control freaks piss me off. Obama, Romney Bush 1 and 2, Clinton Carter peliso schumer et al.

  2. And Covid related political buffoonery will stop in early November after PDJT gets re elected.

  3. No the insanity will only intensify after DJT is re-elected. It will intensify until we are fighting in the streets, on the beaches and in the hedgerows.

    1. Sadly, I think you are correct. I pray that you are wrong.

  4. when I read "testing" my first thought was STD's not covid. I Wonder how that is going with reduced availability of medical services.