Wednesday, August 19, 2020

We have been saying it wrong this whole time...

Belladonna gave me crap for mispronouncing Kamala Harris's first name.

"It is Koma-la. Why is that so hard?" she asked.

"Well, I assumed that since her parents were professors at Stanford, arguably the finest university in the United States, that they had a basic understanding of phonetics and named her Kamala (cam-al-a or kame-ae-la with the first two as long-a). If they wanted the name to be pronounced Coma-la they would have spelled it Kommalla."

"Dad. It is Coma-la. Deal with it" Bella told me.

And to think we have been pronouncing the name of the state Cal-i-forn-e-a when it should be Col-i-forn-e-a. Well that makes sense. They grow a lot of cauliflower in Colifornia. Same first two syllables. 

Because I am so forgetful, I am just going to start spelling Harris's first name ",la" as in coma-la.

It saves on my pixel budget as well.

Do you ever get the impression that some people choose whackadoodle pronouns and bizarre pronunciations of their names just to see how much they can jack people around?


  1. Why would anyone care how a foul old whore wants to pronounce her name? Just call her whore. Better yet, don't call her at all.

  2. For years and years, I have heard everyone INCLUDING THE MEDIA pronounce her name Ka-MAH´-La. Now, all of a sudden, just in the last week or two, we are being told it must be pronounced COMB´-Ah-Lah.

    With all due respect to your daughter, who I am sure is very smart, at least for her age: Some of us have memories that go back years and even decades. And for as long az this woman has been in the public eye, we have heard her name pronounced Ka-MAH´-La. WE did not misremember how to pronounce her name. For some reason, either she or the media changed the pronunciation, and VERY RECENTLY, too. Deal with it.

  3. I suspect that the DNC focus- grouped the name and discovered that it sounded a little bit too Arabic for Mr & Mrs Joe Normal to be entirely comfortable with. Hence the recent change in pronunciation, and the old pronunciation being memory-holed. Us old fogies DO remember correctly how it was pronounced up until now.

    1. I bet you are right.

      The old pronunciation had a clear "..Allah" at the end while the newer pronunciation shifts the middle syllable and melds it with the first and hangs the "la" on the end, thereby separating dividing the indivisible "Allah"

  4. Camel-a rhymes with Pamela. Why ? BFYTW !

  5. All of the odd names serve a single purpose: to show they want zero connection to the average citizen. Good riddance to christian names for the anti Americans.

  6. La-A, pronounced La dash a. Actual name of a girl in New Orleans.

  7. La-A. The dash don't be silent.

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