Tuesday, August 16, 2022

"You are FIRED!"

One of the defining moments for the Truman Administration was when he fired General Douglas MacArthur for insubordination.

MacArthur was a genuine, American hero and arguably more popular than Truman.

Truman was a no-bullshit guy. He really believed and lived "The buck stops here".

Truman fired MacArthur (or demanded MacArthur's resignation) after learning that MacArthur went behind Truman's back and was playing his own game.

Biden must demand Merrick Garland's resignation for exactly the same reasons. 

If Biden does not promptly remove Garland from office then it "proves" that the rogue elements in the Executive Branch really are running the show and that Biden is not even a figure-head. 

Either that, or Biden is a congenital liar and was fully aware of and approved of Garland's action against President Trump.

Relieving Garland of his position for "going rogue" and using the Justice Department and the FBI to extract personal vengeance for having a position on the Supreme Court "stolen" from him is the only way the Biden Administration can hope to salvage their legacy.


  1. I'll take Congenital Liars for $500.

  2. I hadn't thought of that motivation for Garland, but it makes sense in many ways

  3. That would take balls... Xiden doesn't have any, the Chinese are holding his in a jar.

  4. LOL! On a good day Pedo Joe might remember who Garland is. Most days he'd be clueless. As for deciding to fire him.... NOTBidens decision. Biden is a meat sock puppet. He makes NO decisions in the White House. His job is to put on a fresh pair of Depends, try to read a teleprompter and then go eat a pudding pop before sniiffing a ten year old.

  5. We have Gov. LePetomane for president. A troupe of Heldey Lamarr's is running the show!

  6. ERJ, this post assumes that Biden actually makes decisions and acts as President. But I think you know that he is a mere puppet - the anti-Truman, one might say. The people who control Biden are Garland's sponsors. He is doing exactly what they want him to do. Watch for him to be appointed to the SCOTUS at the first opportunity.

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    1. Dear Sarah:

      That is fantastic.

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