Friday, August 5, 2022

Now they call it "recycling"

I was recently on a walk with Mrs ERJ when we encountered another couple on a walk. The gentleman grew up in the neighborhood and was visiting his mother and he and his girlfriend decided to see-the-sights at a pedestrian pace.

I did not recognize the little nipper, now 6'-3" and 240 pounds. He did not recognize me. As can be expected, our conversation started out trying to figure out which house we belonged to, respectively.

"Oh!" the young man exclaimed. "I know who you are. You are the guy who picked through our trash and stole the empty kitty-litter buckets!"

Guilty as charged although the buckets were not IN the trash...they were neatly stacked next to the trash bin. An equivalent, round bucket and lid runs about $3.50 at a big-box store and square buckets, like the kitty-litter buckets, are far superior for body-grip trap sets.

Odd how human minds work. I would not have guessed I would be remembered for the times I salvaged a few buckets.


The order for Physical Therapy runs out today. I expect it will be re-upped as a matter-of-course but as of this moment I do not have any more sessions sessions scheduled after today.

I have an appointment with the bone-doc at the end of next week so we will see how that goes.

People trickling in

People are trickling in for the family reunion. East Coast cousins arrived in the middle of the evening, yesterday.

Southern Belle, Handsome Hombre and Quicksilver will fly in from Miami this evening and will be staying in Eaton Rapids.

I expect attendance at the reunion to be modest. We have not had it for two years and the scheduling was a snap-shot call. Many people had other things scheduled. For example, Belladonna will be moving out of Eaton Rapids to her new apartment in East Lansing this weekend and will miss the festivities.


We are in the middle of a rainy period. Most of the rain has gone just north of us and we have only collected a half-inch.

Yesterday's walk with Mrs ERJ was cut short because of thunder/lightning.


  1. Growing up Mom taught us not to be too proud to garbage pick if something useful was there. Good skill.

    1. I've done it plenty of times, though not much recently due to changing circumstances.

  2. Enjoy the reunion! And yes, one person's junk is another's treasure!

  3. My family developed our dumpster diving skills back in " The Great Malaise " years of the Carter administration . My oldest daughter used to slump way way down in the seat in case any of her classmates were around . She was 13 in 1978 . It gave us great hope for her when we visited her in 1988 in Orlando and she proudly showed off all the great furniture she had snagged from one of the rich neighborhoods in Orlando . It looks like we will be needing those skills once again under this current maladministration . I think I just invented a new word .

  4. Stole? What mind thinks the right of possession extends to one's trash? Methinks it is a sign of the ideologically twisted.

    Yes indeed I have helped myself to certain items marked for disposal in which I perceived value. And I will again.

    My garbageman of years past remarked that derived solely from that which people put into the trash, he had created an account on ebay to sell such items. Also, to clothe and shoe his children. Not ragged hand-me-downs but new and unworn.

  5. In Odessa Texas ,I was forty, had a van, and a CB base station.
    My handle was Alley Rat. Odessa had alleys and dumpsters. Probably the nicest thing I found was three suitcases, not in, but next to a dumpster. Very clean, different sizes, Travellers. Had a friend who was moving, so, they went to Colorado with them.
    It's a cheap hobby.


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