Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Is "Systemic Racism" a form of Phlogiston?

For those who are not familiar with the term "phlogiston", it is a discarded, scientific theory that was casually held by the ancient Greeks and formally proposed in scientific literature in 1667. "Phlogiston" was THE dominant theory in spite of some grave contradictions between theory-and-observed results until 1770.

Scientific careers, especially in France, were destroyed if the scientist did not agree with Phlogiston theory.

From Wikipedia, my edits in red font

"The French Americans viewed phlogiston systemic racism as a very subtle principle that vanishes in all analysis, yet it is in all bodies."

Johann Heinrich Pott thought that phlogiston systemic racism should not be considered as a particle but as an essence that permeates substances

  1. The form of phlogiston  systemic racism consists of a circular movement around its axis, presumably always turning to the left.
  2. When homogeneous it cannot be consumed or dissipated in fire explaining  race-rioters' love for Molotov Cocktails.
  3. The reason it causes expansion in most bodies is unknown, but not accidental. It is proportional to the compactness of the texture of the bodies or to the intimacy of their constitution.
  4. The increase of weight during calcination is evident only after a long time, and is due either to the fact that the particles of the body become more compact, decrease the volume and hence increase the density as in the case of lead; or that little heavy particles of air become lodged in the substance as in the case of powdered zinc oxide. Other scientists suggest sugar-rich and fried foods and a sedentary lifestyle might have something to do with increased weight.
  5. Air attracts the phlogiston systemic racism into of bodies.
  6. When set in motion, phlogiston systemic racism is the chief active principle in nature of all inanimate bodies.
  7. It is the basis of based on colors.
  8. It is the principal agent in fermentation.[9]

Pott also observed the fact that when certain substances burn People-of-Color they increase in mass benefit (from systemic racism) instead of losing the mass of  because some of the phlogiston systemic racism as it escapes

ERJ notes:

Theories (like Marxism, mass-hysteria, space aliens) that "explain everything" fail because they are not capable of explaining variation within classes of "everything".

Racism exists. But racism cannot explain disparity in outcomes between individuals of various races because there is much variation within each race.

As many have noted, "If racism in America is so heinous and intolerable, why don't people move to Nigeria which has almost no white people and has lots of oil?"


  1. Your last statement is the tell, how you know its a con. You're being lied to, and the psycopath doing it doesn't care, its that simple.

    1. My sense is that this is mandatory, annual training (indoctrination) for all institutions and companies that receive Federal funding.

      Our tax dollars at work.

  2. "Racism" was a word coined by Leon Trotsky in the early 1930's.

  3. I hope you don't start something with the use of Phlogistron. I'm having trouble remembering what all of those big words mean.---ken

  4. It is intentionally impossible to measure or detect unless you are of the "correct view" so that an accusation cannot be countered...

  5. Um, no "r" in phlogiston, I believe.

  6. "Racism" and all the other catchphrases and trigger words the left regularly employ are not intended to edify or explain anything. They exist to justify and excuse their neverending assaults on our freedom. The left has only one rule....WIN. if parotting the word "racist" serves that agenda to then you will hear it daily. When it stops working they'll move on to some other tactic.


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