Sunday, August 28, 2022

The FUSA will become Haiti, not Cuba

Kings and feudal Barons did not relinquish power to the people out of a sense of altruism. Representative forms of government did not evolve due to power-brokers suddenly being smitten by a sense of feelz-goods.

Nope, representative forms of government and the co-commitment to freedom of expression were pressure valves that reduced the likelihood of King Freidersnitzel having his (and his extended family's) throats slit when the government was overthrown. The King Freidersnitzels of the world stepped aside (or moved into ceremonial figureheads) because they valued their necks.

The vast increase in wealth and industry was a lucky side-effect of the increase in liberties. Gifted individuals could rise to the level their skills could support while dead-wood sank.

Denial or corrupting the mechanisms of representative government will not result in governments never being overthrown (Cuba and North Korea being exceptions) but will force a reversion back to the methods used before the pressure valves were installed.

The gutting of our processes and institutions will also result in misery and suffering as tinpot despots will choke productivity and initiative and the free flow of goods and ideas.

Haitians and South Africans have the quaint custom of settling political beefs by placing a tire around their opponent's neck, adding a liter of gasoline and igniting the "necklace". This is what happens in places where democracy died.

Nord Haiti, here we come.


  1. With the number of and will to use cordless hole punchers, I don't see it getting that bad.
    At the local level, community will bond together.

  2. Communities bonding together? I'd like to see that, but we are so divvied up by propaganda that we cannot share our thoughts together and discuss differences. Discuss Trump as an easy example.

    If you cannot sit down and DO the hard work of building trusted relationships today (While fearing betrayal to the Feds) while the Lights, Sewage, Truckers delivering and reasonably stable food system, WHAT makes you think you can do better when smoke is in the air?

    Number of cordless hole punchers and WILL (my caps here) to use them...

    Actually, with the number of cordless hole punchers so abundant (ever wonder why hole puncher control was always noise and no action?) the powers that Be can simply wait in our taxpayer funded shelters until the smoke clears.

    There is a reason they shout hole puncher control and never do anything.

    Frankly history shows even in Haiti that disease-starvation kills far more than violence.

    When the Truckers-water-electric and sewer folks will NOT go to work because of violence Disease and Starvation will create the mass depopulation so desired by our "Betters".

    History shows violence INCREASES due to fear and social divides and "Mommy I'm HUNGRY" becomes the song of the land.

    As Pogo said "We have met the enemy and he is Us."

    Better a small handful of trusted CLOSED MOUTHED friends working today to replace the power-sewage-water supply-food needs of your group than a hundred online "Friends" who want to start something.

    Protect your family, they are the building blocks of civilization.

    1. Small homogeneous communities bond well... Large heterogeneous ones do not.
      I agree that at the national level a takeover like NK or Cuba is unlikely; there will eventually be effectively separate countries regardless of whether there is an "official" federal government or not.
      I like Larry Burketts dystopian fiction from the 90s as a good example of a likely future.
      The Thor Conspiracy and The Illuminati.

    2. Something well worth reading Read the whole thing please

      Real history, and history oft rhymes

    3. I'm expecting some of both: There are places that already have significant bonding, but they're quite rare, as nearly as I can measure. Most places will have to bear the brunt of the first wave of culling without unity. After that, the survivors will have unifying shared values, and things will start to improve, perhaps for the first time in more than a generation.

  3. "Social Justice" will be applied by Warriors at 400 meters, not by wasting gasoline. And, as Michael (above) points out "one's tribe will be important."

  4. Good posting, good comments. I'm pretty sure that's a voluntary immolation by a Vietnamese Buddhist monk. Could be wrong. Tree Mike

  5. It's not propaganda that divides us, it's the fact that there are about 100 million foreigners living among us, some here legally, some illegally, but all unassimilated and most inassimilable.


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