Friday, August 12, 2022

A report from the saw-bones

I visited my bone-doctor yesterday.

It is hard to get a "read" on her because she is irrepressibly cheerful.

The swelling of my left foot is much less than it was 30 days ago. She could see blood vessels and muscles and tendons rippling when I flexed my foot that she could not see 30 days ago. She pointed out that she could see my ankles sticking out instead of the sides of my lower leg extending down in a smoothly.

The X-rays showed continued healing but I am still prohibited from impacts like running, jumping, falling off of ladders and so on. She said that there was so many breaks and the body can only support so much bone growth per week. That means that the breaks heal more slowly when there are several of them all demanding calcium and protein.

She approved of the Physical Therapy. She noted the muscle growth in the quads, tibialis anterior and calf muscles. She added bike riding to the list of approved activities as long as it is not "serious" mountain biking.

The next appointment is three months from now.

She still advises to pay attention to my body. Push hard, but back-off when it starts hurting too much.

One of our side conversations was about bias and prejudice outside of the US. She contended that there is widespread envy/bias against Asians in much of the world because Asians are business owners in much of the third-world. Local folks run up a tab, don't pay it and then get cut-off at the store. They get mad and retaliate.

We have it pretty good here in the US.


  1. Joe, do you have an easy to ride bike. There is a genre of "comfort" bikes that would allow you to sit upright and peddle in lower or easier gears. also, they typically have bigger, more comfortable seats so your nether parts aren't as punished.

  2. Glad to hear your recovery is progressing. I really enjoy your blog.

  3. Good news and yes all good advice from your doc, ask me how I know.

    We have it great here, just need to do a little house cleaning soon.


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